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WADs that do caves and cities right?

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I am looking for WADs to get inspiration for cave environments and cities from,can you recommend me any? (I prefer Heretic WAD recommendations over Doom ones but both are fine)

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ABBEY3.wad for Heretic does both, it was one of my favorite wads back in the early 90's.


It starts in a small fishing village (only 3 or 4 buildings but well detailed for the time) complete with player start in a little boat


The second level has caves, and again they are relatively small maps, but the real standout section is a valley with cave entrances on either side. It feels like some den carved out by monks or something like that.

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In my honest opinion most community made maps for Heretic had horrible cave levels.


Riot Control by Dutch Devil for Doom had a very good cave segment on the last level.

Hyperion Invasion by Kenon had some good city architecture.

Heretic Treasure Chest E2M8 by Rf was a very well done cave.

HYMN: A Heretic Community Project E1M7 by Xaser was a humongous city map.

Icebound by Christopher Lutz had some wonderful cave action.

Heretic - Curse of D'sparil by Kristian 'Kristus' Käll maps E3M2 and E3M4 are my top favorites in the wad. E3M2 was set in a nice medieval city.

Eternal DOOM IV: Return from Oblivion Map27 by Espi for doom, Everyone should check out this map. It has it all, is extremely well crafted and is just freaking amazing.

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Pinchy's Alfonzone has pretty good city maps in its episodes 1, 4, and 5 and even a part of episode 10.


For Heretic cave maps, check out Pablo Dictter's River of Fire series.

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Steep Town is a decent city-styled map. Or town-styled is a better way to describe it.

Great map that uses city textures well.

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On 12/30/2017 at 3:44 AM, Spectre01 said:

Just popping in here to say Hellbound has the best city maps of all time.

A worthy pop-in, if I must say so myself...

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