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Quick GZDoom Question

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Ok so without wasting time, I have a short and simple question related to GZDoom, more exactly, its "Classic Transparency" option.


I see it comes with 4 settings: Vanilla (Forced), ZDoom (Forced), Auto (Vanilla Preferred), Auto (ZDoom Preferred). Which one should be used and what exactly is the difference between the Forced and Auto variants? I couldn't find any info on what each setting does.


I want to keep my game as close as possible to the original look of Doom, therefore, don't want transparency placed where it shouldn't be (such as Mancubus and Revenant rockets, Baron and Imp projectiles, Plasma Rifle well... plasma, blood, weapon muzzleflashes, lit pillars (these: http://media.moddb.com/images/downloads/1/69/68818/doom_odark01.jpg ; http://i.imgur.com/nIlOsCUm.jpg ), Lost Souls (I know, there's a slider for this one) and so on, but neither removed from where it should be. For now I've set it to Auto (Vanilla preferred) until I figure out what's best to use for what I aim.

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Well, you should use Vanilla (Forced).

But it will ruin some mods depending on such kind of thing.

The setting that you are using should be enough to keep it to vanilla through GZDoom will use it's own classic transparency for certain things.

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