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I made a heretic map to test environments.

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Note: I do in fact know that textures in some spots are misaligned. I likely won't fix them, as they weren't what I was aiming for with this wad.


I created this single level to test environments/ambience, I would've used Hexen, but Hexen decided to crash on me upon loading the wad. So Heretic will do.


I'm looking for feedback on how I set up the areas and how they feel, so I can find out how to make areas better. Be it audio-wise, or design-wise.


Fun fact, it has a custom song in the level too.


Download - Runs on Heretic, tested with GZDoom and Zandronum.







Edited by AdirBlaz : I think I need to learn english all over again. My god, the typos.

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