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Community Megawad idea!

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So, I have an idea for a community megawad that could be created. I would hope that one of the more prestigious members of the community would take it upon themselves to do this, as I have neither the time nor the reputation to manage such a grand project. Put simply, I think it would be a fun idea to create a "No testing" megawad.


Put simply, I would like the community to submit maps that they have created, but not actually loaded up and tested. As such, it would be acceptable to submit a broken map, and there would be 2 releases at the end, a "fixed" version that would correct any game breaking errors, and an "original" version, which would be the original submissions.


The Specifics:

Maps will be built for GZDoom 3.2.4 or higher

The Maps will be using only stock textures, flats, etc.

The project will be compiled starting on March 1st, and will be later released on /idgames, and mentioned in a thread.

Each person can upload only one map, and must list which slot is being taken.

Sound good?


Edit: Scrapped Fixed version, as it defeats the purpose.

Edited by StevenC21

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I had this idea for a long time actually and I love it. I think the results are going to be the most interesting if everyone attempts to create a very tough map, so that we will get a whole bunch of challenging levels and not know whether they are even beatable.

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This could be interesting... It could also be massively frustrating, but as long as you went into the megawad with your eyes open, at least you couldn't say you weren't warned.


So, just to make sure I understand correctly:


1. Open the map editor of your choice.

2. Make a map.

3. Build the nodes, so that you know the map will actually run.

4. Upload the map to the CP without actually ever loading it in your chosen source port and playing it.

5. ?

6. PROFIT! (I couldn't resist.)


In all seriousness, some questions:

1. Source ports?

2. Custom textures, custom enemies, custom weapons, or stock only?

3. What sort of timeframe are you thinking about?

4. Set number of maps or as many as you can get?

5. So am I reading your edited post correctly, that there would not be a "fixed" version?

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1. GZDoom (Yes I know, but it honestly is the best IMO)

2. Stock only.

3. Get it all done by March 2018, can be extended.

4. One map per person.

5. Yes, the fixed version was scrapped as it defeats the purpose of the megawad.

I will update the main post now.

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