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Any Good (Gameplay) Enhancement Wads You'd Like to Recommend?

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(First post wow look mom I'm so brave)

Wads like Smooth Doom and Beautiful Doom. I admit I love enhancement wads, they're so much fun when people take the regular Doom gameplay and update to their liking.

Here's a list of enhancement wads I've already played:

-Smooth Doom

-Beautiful Doom


-Brutal Doom and Project Brutality (Huge guilty pleasure I'm sorry)

-Complex Doom


Graphic enhancements and sounds/music enhancements are fine too.



Forgot to mention


-Doom NG

-Dead Marine (Fukin' awesome wad)

-MetaDoom (How could I've forgotten this)

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Since BD is a guilty pleasure, this will be up your alley. It's similar to Smooth Doom, minus weapons alterations.

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