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Random Deaths & Decoration 1.62 available

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Since it's not worth bumping the really old thread for this, I'll make a new one for the new release.


This ZDoom mod (specifically GZDoom 3.x & Zandronum 3.0) is what my vision of Brutal Doom is with all the unnecessary and stupid material removed plus my own twists on some things. It provides a mostly vanilla experience without altering weapons code so you can use mods that alter them with this.


See some new screens here



ZDoom thread



-Multiple alternate deaths for nearly every monster (sans Cyber)
-Correct blood for cacos and hell nobles
-Randomly chosen gore decorations!
-Randomly chosen tree decorations!
-Proper SS Nazi uniform color
-Some smooth animations courtesy of Smooth Doom mod!
-Works with ZDoom, Zandronum and GZDoom!
-Demons can be gibbed! (1.2+)
-Full compatibility with Zandronum!
-Brand new Nazi voiceover (1.5+)
-Romero's Rotations implemented (1.5+)
-Many miscellaneous message changes (1.6+)
-Great for multiplayer co-op!


Download RDND here




Edited by Glaice : Added recommended mod links and new screenshots

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