Btsx wad and Latest Brutal Doom issue??

Ive noticed and it only does this on back to saturn x with only the newest brutal doom and newest PB..

version before it is perfect but anyways what happens is when i kill a hell knight it will have like these purple/blue dots/sprite on them as if some of of the sprite was missing and shows as purple dots it only does this on hell knights and the latest brutal doom with back to saturn x rly weird Its not my load order either i also checked zandronum instead of my usual gzdoom same problem lol Its like it has the few dots on the character Its anoyying to see anyone noticed these with this megawad and latest BD or PB?

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If I had to guess, I'd say this is the result of a color palette/custom sprite conflict. It should just be an (admittedly annoying) visual error but functionality should be fully in-tact.

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Does loading BD/PB after BTSX help resolve this issue?

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no it didnt help also ive noticed it doesnt do it on different maps

also i always load the wad before the mod..


also i noticed something else 

i hope its not my PC cause drivers didnt fix it

anyways if i use the flamethrower on a cacodemon you know its soposed to flash on fire right?

well it flashes on fire but sometimes it flashes but its showing like 8bit colors/inverted like the whole cacodemon will flash inverted colors while on fire...

has anyone notice this before with bd and pb? while using the flame thrower on a cacodemon? 

makes me scared its my video card because its pretty new

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That's because the the sprites for the new animations in BD aren't in BTSX pallette, so load order won't fix it.

You can delete the playpal file in BTSX wad to revert the pallette to vanilla, but then the textures on the maps will look glitchy.

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