Link switch with switch, Count marines.

So I need some help about these. 1. Have a switch, actually this switch is a display. I open a gate with this but for this first I have to turn on another switch. How can I do this using ACS script?  2. How can I count marines, I mean I have to kill 5 in a room and a key appear in the same room. I din't find anything about Marines. I would appropriate  any help. 

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1. Something like this, where each script is activated by one of the switches:

#include "zcommon.acs"

int i;

script 1 (void) {
    i = 1;

script 2 (void) {
    if(i==1) {
        // Do something

2. Either give a specific tag to the marines and use ThingCount to count things with this tag regardless of their type, or use ThingCountName to count the marines by their class names.

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