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[Map] Luna AI

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Howdy all! 


This is my new level called Luna AI, its a prequel to the events of Doom 2. Its a vanilla compatible level for doom2 that has a few extra features that I was wanting to try out, including:


1. A few extra textures and sprites.

2. 2 new monsters.

3. A fairly original use for the commander keens.


Even thou the map is an experiment of sorts, I'm rather happy with the results and have decided to release it. Unless anything horrible crops up, I will be uploading to idgames in the new year. I do have one texture that needs to be redone and of course a title pic and level name gfx.


The level includes a .deh, internally and externally which is required for the new monsters and the effects.








Download link -




Any feedback is more than welcome!


Additional Credits to : Mechadon for his sky texture (again). 40oz, Fonze, Steve D and Khorus for testing.





The cameras need to be destroyed to open up the level


I don't know what I'm doing with tags!


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I like it. Intentional or not but this has a seriously old school feel to it. Both new monsters are cool and the the trooper enemy's introduction is really neat. The cyber-Baron's projectile was surprising but works fine. I didn't read your spoiler, but I did read your third bullet point and eventually sort of figured out the progression based on it (at first I was destroying them solely because they were destructible heh), but I can see some having issues with it since at first destroying them doesn't seem to do anything.


Anyway, solid work. FDA (glboom+) attached, if you're interested. I spotted one instance of floating shells (thing 315) on some small crates, you can probably spot that in the demo too.


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Here's the video of my UV blind run with your hint about the cameras read :)




- New enemies - these are always fun and threathening

- Vanilla look&feel



- This single camera that I couldn't find :)

- Some low-on-ammo areas before getting the chainsaw

- Is there an Armor on this level (except the secret one at the beginning)?


I also found a bug (probably missing texture) - see the video at 22:57 (door at left hand side) and 23:15.

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@Veinen Thank you for the FDA, it was good to watch and I spotted a few extra little issues with the map that I have now fixed. Glad you liked the introduction of the new trooper, Its probably one of the coolest things I've done in a doom map. The idea behind it is that the AI sends your ex-marine friends after you in a rather aggressive manner.. hence blowing a hole through a wall to get to you :-)


@mgr_inz_rafal A youtube video?? Thank you very much, that's very cool! There is only the 1 armour on this level, but I have just added some extra AB's around the map to compensate. You took the harsh route through the map and I have added a bit extra ammo to help out. The problem with the door texture I have not been able to replicate, so that's rather strange!


The camera in the caco room I have moved now, to many people were not finding it so I have changed its location.


Thank you both very much for the feedback.



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