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2018 Goals

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Like the 2016 and 2017 Goals threads, this is intended for goals in 2018. Here are mine:


  • Stay motivated for my YouTube channel so I can continue to provide quality content.
  • Try and finish at least one map.
  • Continue to work on my Random Deaths & Decoration mod if there's anything else I can add to it.
  • Drink less. (If weekend drinks count.)


How about you?

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  • Record more demos on UV Max or Nightmare, may as well make the most fun out of PWAD maps.
  • Make one decent map.
  • Learn how to make decent sprites as well as animate them.
  • Actually finish some megawads like No End in Sight.

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  • Get out of creativity and mapping block.
  • Learn some scripting
  • Polish rusty gameplay skills.
  • Record some demos and videos.
  • Release something worthwhile after block will go away.

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  • Finish my current Doom map, then take a long hiatus from Doom mapping
  • Finish another Quake map or two
  • Maybe port Doom or Wolfenstein over to Common Lisp just for the hell of it

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Actually make a wad and not give up like usual.



And figure out what a forum staple is and if it's bad thing or not.

Edited by DepravedDiptera

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1. actually bother to develop some content for my stupid furry anthro-themed first person shooter/platformer (sounds like a real winner doesnt it)

2. wait what do you mean phase 2 cluster 1 what are you talking about

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  • stop being a filthy worthless degenerate
  • wrap up all my current doom projects to free up time
  • start lifting again



StevenC21, your post cracked me the hell up.

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I've not participated in one of these before... Probably because my last two years were broadly out of my hands. That's all set to change, though, so, roughly in order of priority...

Life goals for 2018:

  • Get a new job
  • When it comes to car finance time in September, already have the money saved or to hand, rather than needing a loan like this year
    • Don't have any car accidents (if nothing else, they're a financial PITA)
  • Find somewhere to live that isn't my dad's house... I am 28, after all, and have mostly lived elsewhere over the last ten years
    • Postponed, as I now have a plan in place for early next year.

Gaming goals for 2018:

  • Finish more games than I gain this year (something I've not done since about 2013, looking at the massive spreadsheet I've had to put together to track them now)
    • Currently at 22 - 4
  • Beat Forza Motorsport 7 career
  • Beat Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus
  • Beat Rise of the Tomb Raider: 20 Year Celebration
  • Beat Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War: Soulstorm (been putting this off for a year now)
  • Beat Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War II (my brother got this in 2009, but I've never touched it)
  • Beat Thief: Gold Edition (I'm really bad at this game, so it's been off and very rarely on for about 6 years, now)
  • Beat Roller Coaster Tycoon 2: Triple Thrill Pack (37/57 scenarios)
  • Finish my XBox 360 games (Perfect Dark Zero, plus the Sega Mega Drive Ultimate Collection to go: 20/49 on there)
  • Finish my SNES Classic Mini games (7/21 so far)

Doom goals for 2018:

  • Finish Triacontathlon (10/30 so far; some of these maps are from 2014)
  • Finish Warpzone II (you'd think a map compiled from previous efforts and then expanded wouldn't be that hard?!)
  • Finish Bigger Woodchip (literally had the start room copy/pasted from the end of Big Woodchip for about 3 years now, with music and a text file sorted out)
  • Start and then finish Escalation III
    • Keep the series going (3-4 years between small maps is a bit weak...)
  • DWMP 2018 map
  • In the event that all of the above is done, start a new major project (naturally, I've got literally about ten pages of ideas)

That seems like a decent list. Not sure all of the gaming and Doom stuff can be achieved in one year, but I'll aim high. I'd like to stay in shape and tidy as a civilian, but I suspect there will be an adjustment period. I'd also really like a Subaru Impreza WRX STi to replace my Toyota Celica, but for all I know my next job will be paying peanuts (like this one does...), so I'll not write that as a goal.


EDIT 11/10/18 - I'm clearly going to fail the Doom ones that I've not already completed, but never mind. Gaming is going pretty well, but I'm never beating 29 Megadrive games and 15 SNES games this year. RCT2 looks unlikely as well!

Edited by Phobus : Update on progress 27/10/18

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2018 Life Goals:

  • Survive higher Math and CS classes.
  • Get some research going.

2018 Gaming Goals:

  • Complete base level runs for all classes in Demon's Souls and Dark Souls. (RIP Demon's Souls Servers)
  • Complete all Devil May Cry games on the hardest difficulty. (March 13 HD Collection hype!)
  • Complete all puzzles/problems in Spacechem, Infinifactory, Stephen's Sausage Roll, and the Witness.

2018 Doom Goals:

  • Release my first map-set hopefully...
  • UV-Max all levels in Valiant, Ancient Aliens, and Going Down.
  • Play more map-sets in general.

Not sure if my Gaming and Doom goals are possible though. We'll see...


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  • Fix my laziness, for playing my stocked DooM wads and everything.
  • Try to stop caring about dramas in DooM communities.
  • Try to not enabling my asshole mode.

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- write thirty new tunes in a style that doesn't suit Doom at all and then stubbornly release them in a .wad


- key every fancy car on planet earth

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Really not much at all, only:

  • Do a better job with the college and actually survive, since I'm not doing really well, for a variety of reasons that I won't go on to elaborate here.
  • If I don't lose my interest until then, start mapping in DB properly, which won't be until the summer vacation since I don't have time to actually learn something like this from zero right now.
  • Maybe become a better player since I want to play lots of wads out there.
  • Play whatever classics or great games I missed.

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Lyf goal:

get the hell out of the goddamn balkan peninsula and go to a badass university


Doom goal:

release something idk

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