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2018 Goals

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If I did daily livestreams of my TC development, would any of you tune in? I feel like having eyes on me in realtime might serve as better motivation to finish it than beating myself up every time I fall short on progress.

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All my goals that I could think of. Expect maybe 3-10% of these to be achieved by the end of the year:


~Life in general~                                                                             

  1. Keep a proper journal so that I'm slightly less likely to forget every single last one of the important things.
  2. Find out how to properly balance the university, social and gaming aspects of my life so that I don't have to choose one over the others.
  3. Learn how to manage my finances so that I don't necessarily need to text my parents every time there is some kind of fee I need to pay off.
  4. Learn how to say exactly what I mean without over-explaining everything to the point of confusing whoever I was talking to.
  5. I seriously need to track down and murder the procrastination demon that possesses me every time I have anything important to do. I currently believe that it is residing in my chair.


  1. Find the time to finish my backlog of games that I've started but never finished or bought but never even started.
  2. Slowly expand my retro game collection without cluttering my dorm or bankrupting myself.
  3. Boycott everything that has anything to do with companies telling gamers what they want instead of asking gamers what they want. You know exactly what I'm talking about.
  4. Finish Wolfenstien II: The New Colossus.
  5. Teach my brother that it should never be possible to hear him cursing on the 2nd floor of a house when he is playing a game in the basement.


  1. Participate in some community projects.
  2. Become a more competent Doom mapper.
  3. Learn how to use ACS.
  4. Learn how to effectively map for Hexen before I start seriously working on my overambitious secret project that probably won't be released within the next seven years.
  5. Maybe inquire about starting a Doom mapping club at my university next semester. I can't be the only person at this university who worships STARTAN2, right? Like, why isn't there at least a club dedicated to the general modding of games here? Why is the Super Smash Bros. club my only option?

Man that's quite a list! Welp, time for me to go procra... I mean, study!

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Let's see... 

1. Pass my first year of college. Currently on my 2nd semester of freshman year, but surviving my first official year would be great for my confidence. 

2. Be happier. The past few weeks of my life have been plagued with depression and anxiety, (probably from just not being home in a while), and I'm tired of being so negative.


But for Doom?

1. Release a WAD that I'm actually satisfied with. When I was 13 (back in 2012ish) I would just release half-finished and or short WADs that, when looking back, I have no idea why I released them in the first place lol. Maybe every mapper feels like this?

2. Plutonia. UV -fast. Let's get it.

3. Maybe hop on a mapset project with the community some day? Once I get a better feel for mapping, and feel confident in myself. 

4. Get way way way more involved with people in the community! I first made this account in 2012 when I was younger, and always wanted to become a welcome member of this website but never knew how to stay in touch with people well. Obviously, I'm much older now (18) and this really shouldn't be an issue. Anytime somebody wants to chat about Doom or their wads in progress and etc. Hit me up! I'm very open to responding to people even over stuff that is trivial or major.

5. Reach 1000 posts on doomworld lel.

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I've been checking off my goals throughout the year as I've achieved them. I'm happy to say that I've actually met my "Life Goals" already! Gaming isn't going too badly, although as noted in my latest edit, I'm not going to get there completely and will have stuff to carry into next year for sure. As for Doom goals? Heh...



Choosing some realistic goals for the remaining two-and-a-half months, I'll say...

Doom Goals:

  • Finish Persephone Vol. 3
    • Make a full, three-volume compilation

Gaming Goals:

  • Beat Dead Space
  • Beat at least two other horror games before 1st November. Current library choices are:
    • Dead Island Redux
    • Dead Island: Riptide Redux
    • Resident Evil 0 HD Remaster
    • Resident Evil HD Remaster
    • FEAR (and "Extraction Point" and "Perseus Mandate" expansions)
    • FEAR 2: Project Origin (and "Reborn" expansion)
    • Super Ghouls 'n' Ghosts (on SNES Classic Mini)
  • Beat Forza Horizon 4 (I'm already a good chunk of the way into this)
  • Get to the centre of the galaxy in Spore (I played a load of this a month or two ago, so it'll be quite easy to do once I pick it back up)

With the intention to keep working through my library (mainly leaning on the year goals list) when I'm done with the above. Is anybody else with an actual list getting any progress?

Edited by Phobus : Three down!

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On 12/31/2017 at 12:32 PM, Eris Falling said:
  • Hopefully I'll have made some decent progress on my TNT episode (~10 maps I guess), though realistically I don't see a release happening this decade.
  • I'll also finish my work on Panophobia in the earlier part of the year.
  • As for the new recordings of my music, I've currently done everything from before 2015 - by the end of this year I should be up to 2017 stuff.
  • I also had an album called The Planetarium I was hoping would be finished in 2018 having already postponed it, but that also seems unlikely. At the very least I want most of it written by the end of the year.
  • Oh and I'm applying to university again, because my life stalled and it sucks.


  • Abandoned, RIP.
  • Yep! 17 MIDIs total, including another piece I was asked for a few months later. Panophobia was a very interesting project to work on, looking forward to seeing it released one day. Now working on Eviternity, with hopefully Elementalism to follow.
  • One more 2016 piece to go, so more or less achieved, though it could still be a while until I'm back in sync.
  • Virtually zero progress, on hold indefinitely.
  • :)

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On 12/31/2017 at 11:38 AM, Deadwing said:

- Release a Director's Cut of Moonblood

- Release my 11-level mini project which I've put in hiatus for a few months :P


-> Probably not going to be out this year >.<

-> It's almost finished lol But it's about 24 maps instead of 11 D:

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On 12/31/2017 at 12:10 PM, Agent6 said:

Really not much at all, only:

  • Do a better job with the college and actually survive, since I'm not doing really well, for a variety of reasons that I won't go on to elaborate here.
  • If I don't lose my interest until then, start mapping in DB properly, which won't be until the summer vacation since I don't have time to actually learn something like this from zero right now.
  • Maybe become a better player since I want to play lots of wads out there.
  • Play whatever classics or great games I missed.




- Not going fantastic so far, still a number of failed exams left to pass and one of them relies heavily on physics... will probably take a few more attempts before I finally pass it... License exam being at the end of the next year definitely doesn't help me at all.

- No idea about this. Was planning this for the past summer but I was so busy with other things it became an unrealistic goal, ending up very low on my list of priorities.

- I might have indeed improved, but I think I've done all I could in this department. Good player? Nah, either my standards are set too high or I'm too self-critical (probably both), but considering that I'm still relying on save scumming every now and then... yep, it's not happening, got other priorities anyway, and "git gud" is not one of them.

- Well, I've finished a couple games I really wanted to. Deus Ex, Batman Arkham Asylum and City, Blood, things are looking pretty good here.

- A few other important things aren't going well, and others just okay-ish.

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On 12/31/2017 at 12:20 PM, NaZa said:
  • Maintaining Eagle in a much nicer and more respectable way
  • Start mapping for a secret tiny side project
  • Continue mapping for my main project
  • Play a lot more WADs
  • Actually participate in a community project 
  • Stop causing drama
  • RIP Eagle Speedmapping Sessions. It all piled up unfortunately.
  • Started mapping... made 1 1/2 maps?
  • Yes... got two and a half maps done.
  • Not really I think only about 5 to 10 new ones.
  • Yep, got two and 1/4 maps done for one, at that!
  • I hope I managed to do that.

I guess I fulfilled all of these goals except the Eagle one. Such a shame, but with the return of Abyssal and my negligence of important things...


Crossposting from other threads as well:


Working on a vanilla 32L megawad... inb4 someone says I can't do it, well I've gotten 2 maps finished... In three months time? :c I'll get faster. 

Also working on a huge secret project with a few other people, as well as a side project for a certain holiday. 

  • I didn't get faster but I did work as stated before.
  • That secret project is still being worked on.
  • That side project is dead.

So that means 2/3 are fulfilled I guess.



From Doom year resolutions (I omitted ones stated before):


2.) Finish at least 10 more maps for my current project. 

3.) Finish the OST of my current project. 

5.) Top 15 in DWIronman League next year :D

  • I didn't even finish half of that number :D
  • Instead of making an OST I decided to use Duke 3D music because why make your own stuff if you could use prefabs? :)
  • Currently 14th so I'm happy about that.

All in all most my Doom goals have been fulfilled.

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On 1/7/2018 at 2:46 PM, termrork said:

- releasing Doomiablo

- new avj.wad map32 records


heh.... I am not sure what I am closer to :D

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