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Happy New Year

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No! Go away 2018. 2017 4 Life!

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6 hours ago, Chest Rockwell said:

I hope I die next year that would be LIT


56 minutes ago, Mayhem666 said:

One more year done in our lives. One step closer to death.


Really bringin' in the new year cheer, eh guys? 


Happy new beer 

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Goddamn idiot neighborhood and their shitty fireworks and guns won't let me sleep tonight.

Happy New Year everybody.

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Posted (edited)

If we're saying our resolutions publicly I guess mine's is to get a job. Also there's no thread about it yet, so there's that too.

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i woke up to the horrific sound of fireworks like right next to my house at 12:01am


it's 1am and they haven't ceased

i could not return to bed if i tried

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