How does one make a sector carry you very fast? I know about actions like Carry [direction] {slow-fast}, but the fastest option is not enough for me. The best example of what I'm looking for is the beggining section of Ancient Aliens MAP01, the tunnel that spits you out in front of the Cyberdemon. I wanted to ask how can I create something like that.

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Ancient Aliens map01 uses Boom scrollers (specifically action 253). The speed and direction of movement are determined by the length and orientation of the line. Would recommend opening it up in the editor to see how it's done.


ZDoom has its own scrollers. The section at the bottom of this page will show you how to replicate those action 253 scrollers in ZDoom.

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You can also split the line and make the scroll action happen more than once to speed it up too right? At least I seem to recall that happening in Boom maps I've made.

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