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BD/PB Flamethrow Bug Or Texture problem?

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Ive noticed something and i cant seem to fix it not on my end...
i hope its the mod and not my pc but its kinda of anoyying 
well if i play the Brutal Doom mod or Project Brutality and if i use my 
flamethrower on a cacodemon the cacodemon soposed to flash on fire well 
sometimes it flashes on fire but it also shows these like 8 bit colors? 
its like the sprites turned inverted or something it shows lots of blue and yellow and stuff while its on fire
only those 2 mods does it also ive tried different video drivers its also not my gpu since its pretty much brand new like 2 weeks old


has any one noticed anything like this??
do you know what i mean by 8 bit/inverted?

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