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Billy Baron

Recent Documentary You Have Seen

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Happy 2018!


 I started thinking about documentaries that I have seen while browsing through the 'Most recent movie you have seen' thread, so this forks from there. I was just wondering what kind of documentary and/or social docs everyone is following. Post and tell about the most recent documentaries you have seen since you have been on Doomworld, whether it is an hour long story about Romero on YouTube, or something you saw on the Discovery channel, or on a digital movie download site. It doesn't have to be one you saw for sale on Steam, even tell about that interesting story you heard about the Horse feces on The Learning Network if you want.


I just saw two interesting stories myself. One was on PBS' web site, and it was about the unfolding war in Ukraine, and the breakaway republic that started in the west or their country, The Republic of Donetsk, or Donut Republic (I like Donuts, I don't know if I like Donuts as much as Homer, but I like Donuts), as I like to refer to it. There are several poignant scenes in this documentary that really stuck with me. One part was when he Russian group Stronghold stormed a Ukrainian government office, and dragged the people out into the street. There, one of the 20 year old students was hit on the head, and confronted with a little flag he was carrying that showed he supported the eastern militant group Right Sector. He looked like such a candy ass with that flag in front of Stronghold! That'll make you think twice before you put that E-Z Widers sticker on your car! whoops!  "The Battle for Ukraine"


Then, I saw an interesting story about 5 guys from 5 different places who came together to battle terror in Iraq. It was pretty good, and it really got the point across about the tragedy of war and terrorism in General.  It kind of lacked something in the cautionary department though, boasting how people 'just met over the internet' and got involved in the fight against ISIS. I have heard in other places about the horrors of being ambushed, and here wasn't much of a word of caution.  "Frontline Fighting Battling ISIS"


Thanks for sharing







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Alien Planet: Darwin IV. It's a scientific analysis of a fictional planet. I saw it once on Netflix years ago, but it doesn't seem to be available anymore. You can find it on YouTube.

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