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Nine Inch Heels

Notable 2017 demos

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2017 sure was nothing short of an outstanding year for speedrunning! It was a year of discovery, supposedly repugnant memery, and fierce competition.


From intense iWAD speedruns incorporating new routes unlike anything we'd seen before thanks to the "zero press" (or "impse", if you so chose), to spectacularly daring maxruns, 2017 sure delivered a demo and a half for everybody. What made 2017 an even more fruitful year was that some new runners showed off their amazing skills, while the well known veterans of speed- and maxrunning also had quite a few demos up their sleeves. And if that's not enough, doom speedrunning as you know and love it has made the jump to YouTube in the form of The Doomed Speed Demos on YouTube. 2017 just kept getting better and better.


So let's wait no longer... Let the "mentionationing" of your favourite demo of 2017 begin!

Previous threads:


.-+* Best Newcomers of 2018 *+-.



"DOOM 2"

D2All UV Max in 1:29:48 by Cyberdemon531:

D2All UV Speed in 18:45 by eLim:

Map 02 pacifist in 20:57 by Zero-Master:

D2ALL NM Speed in 21:54 by Zero-Master:

"The Plutonia Experiment"

Map 30 UV -fast:

"Alien Vendetta"

D2All UV Speed in 1:33:21 by ZeroMaster:

Map 20 tyson in 2:51:09 by j5rio:


Map 20 UV max in 7:15 by 0xf00ba12:

Map 12 UV max in 2:24 by j4rio:

Episode 2 UV-Speed in 22:09 by 0xf00ba12:

"Italo Doom"

Map 10 UV max in 2:15 by Ancalagon:

"Slaughterfest 2012"

Map30 UV Max in 1:08:27 by Killer5:

"Hell revealed"

map 22 UVmax in 4:31 by SAV88:

"memento mori"

map 14 tyson in 40:59 by aqfaq:

28 Nightmare in 4:56 by SAV88:


Map 09 UV max in 1:12 by kmc:

Map 30 UV max in 12:20 by Ancalagon

"community chest"

Map 12 UV max in 15:27 by TheV1perk1ller:

"community chest 2"

Map 29 UV max in 7:44 by TheV1perk1ller:

"New doom community project"

Map 09 UV max in 11:17 by TheV1perk1ller:


UV-Max in 6:46 by 0xf00ba12:


D2 ALL UV speed in 2:54 by 4shockblast:

"Experiencing Nirvana" 

map 19 pacifist:


Map 21 UV max (TAS) in 2:25:08 by Azuruish:
(requires chmapfix.wad and no_block.deh to be played)

Map 43 UV max (TAS) in 17:48 by A7MAD:


Edited by Nine Inch Heels

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Doom2 D2All UV Max in 1:29:48 by Cyberdemon531

Doom2 D2All UV Speed in 18:45 by eLim

AV D2All UV Speed in 1:33:21 by ZeroMaster

SF2012 Map30 UV Max in 1:08:27 by Killer5


Just to say I'm quite happy that I finally decided to join the forum in May and try running some maps (no one cares about :D). It's such a good way to improve my skill. Well, I hope I can do better in 2018.

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Let's not forget pa02. As I wrote at the time:

To paraphrase Jon Stewart, if in some distant future aliens arrive on earth and the sole remnant of the human race they find is pa02-2057.lmp, I will be fine with that.

This edges out p2m8 for best pacifist of the year, though both are remarkable achievements that were also completely unexpected.


And pretty much all of ZM's movie runs, especially the new 30nm on Doom2.


Best demo of the year: ZM's 30uv on AV.


Best new trick is of course the impse glide.


Best max: gotta go with SAV's hr22.


Best newcomer: GarrettChan. He's demonstrated skill and style in a wide range of categories and wads, and also has a knack for producing demos that are good to watch.


Sorry if have overlooked anything really obvious; I haven't been following demo activity as closely as I used to. There are obviously some amazing Tyson achievements, but I find it hard to pick out which are the most impressive.

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av20 tyson is pretty much the only thing I did this year that I wouldn't have a slightest bit of shame mentioning

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Some of my favorites from the last year.


Sunlust map20 max: The result of a long competition over this map, each demo not only being more polished but coming with route improvements made the progress being made with this max very interesting to see.

Thissux d2all uv-speed: A demo published 363 days ago and the epitome of repugnant memery.

Plutonia map30 uv-fast from the realfast demopack: It's so perfect.

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So far so good. I hope I didn't miss anything people have mentioned here thus far.


One thing I'd like to ask is for is that, when you mention a demo, you should provide the DSDA, so it's a bit easier to keep the links in the OP tidy while it also avoids the risk of people deleting their files which may render a link to a forum post useless eventually.


6 hours ago, CrazyDoomguy said:

All chillax demos are notables :)

Unless you pick one, I'm not going to include any links to chillax runs for the sake of it.

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1 hour ago, Nine Inch Heels said:

Unless you pick one, I'm not going to include any links to chillax runs for the sake of it.

Ok. I cant mention self, so I pick Chillax map 43 Demo by 47MAD. I like this map and 47MAD did more fast than me :)


2. And I mention Chillax map 21 Demo by Azuruish because he passed hard piece of Chillax.

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10 hours ago, Ancalagon said:

Sunlust map20 max: The result of a long competition over this map, each demo not only being more polished but coming with route improvements made the progress being made with this max very interesting to see.

I almost forgot about my sunlust stuff. The one I'd dare mentioning from those would be my sl12 max. It contains one of the most unimaginably lucky infights I've ever managed to get included into successful demo attempt. Having the spider infight cyber was one-in-a-thousand-attempts thing and I've seen it happen only 2 times over about 5 days of recording, the second time being the demo. Also it took me far longer to do than any other of those maxes, basically draining me of willpower to continue with the rest of maps. My sl20 demo was rather effortless in comparision, I haven't bothered with the map seriously... yet.

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Indeed, that year was full of uncountable outstanding demos by many of the best speedrunners ever, including dozens of really solid records from IMO the strongest newcomer, @TheV1perK1ller (such as CC121527C229-744HB191246ND091117 etc).


Some other superior-to-Compet-N-quality optimization efforts are Scythe MAP09 UV Max in 1:12 by @kmc and MAP30 in 12:20 by @Ancalagon.


Also thanks for appreciating my sloppiest demo of 2017, HR22-451 :)


Edited by SAV88

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Thanks for the mentioning, Grazza. I usually don't trust myself, so yeah, this means a lot to me. Long and difficult maps usually expose my weaknesses quite a lot, so there's a long way for me to improve in the future.


@SAV88Oh yeah, Viperkiller is definitely a very very strong speedrunner, and he (almost) finished the whole Community Chest 1 Maxes, and that CChest Map29 run is also really impressive. He also encouraged me to finish CChest Map29 UV Max (even my run is slow as heck :D).


Edited by GarrettChan

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I'd like to give honorable mentions to @TheV1perK1ller for not only best newcomer but also most improved runner and grinder of the year. His demos were already solid to start but within a year he has already become an elite runner in the group.


Also shoutout to all @Veinen demos and efforts. The only reason he doesn't have "notable demos" is because he chooses less glamorous, non-slaughter, non-iwad, maps that casual players would play. Rest assure the speed and optimization of these lamer maps are "notable demo worthy".

(technically this was December of last year but wasn't mentioned in 2016 demos)


Thanks to everyone who provides me with hours of entertainment by contributing demos. I may have stopped recording but I'm still silently watching.


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Indeed, Veinen's new demos are always a pleasure for me to see, and many of his later records aren't any less skillful, solid, hard-to-beat than typical runs mentioned in "Notable 201X demos" threads. As Ocelot pointed out during the Golden Cyber Award 2003 discussion, watchers are somewhat biased toward demos for "prestigious" maps. I knew beforehand that my HR22 UV Max will get more attention (even though it's slower and cheaper) than my Hellbound MAP12 UV Max.


One of Veinen's notable demos is his Darken2 MAP10 maxrun. As @vdgg assumed in his d210-642 textfile (November 5, 2010), "a "perfect" human player (say, Vile in his prime) should strive for a time of 6:15 or lower". But Veinen got 4:38 :)


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Veinen is my favourite player as he's doing "my" type of WADs. And yes, my old comments are old... obsolete-ish. :)

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