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[released] Doomworld Mega Project 2018 (beat your own map)

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Thanks for the maps guys. There are over 10 submissions, so I'll consider that a success and will change the rules for next year. Haven't started my map yet but I'll submit one before the deadline.

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After taking a break for quite a while, I finally made some more progress on my entry!




There's a lot going on in here, for sure. The map is 2.48 megs in size right now, and I don't think I ever went beyond 100 consecutive tags before. But now I'm at 136. There's a lot of height and light transfers that contribute to that. My earliest plan involved making a whole big city, but I scaled it down to a single huge building and it's still ridiculously complex. I love it.

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Do you have thoughts on what would be a good way to implement an optional skip that would be relatively easy to notice and use when replaying the map, but also unlikely to have the player use it on the first playthrough?


My current implementation is just an unmarked switch-activated teleport, but there's writing on the automap that says "press use to skip intro". I imagine that players redoing the map would be more likely to get bored and turn on the automap (there's not much movement possible at the very beginning), seeing the message and reading once they zoom in. And if a player notices it on the first playthrough, the unambiguity can let them make their own choice.


I was thinking about some other options (such as a switch rising from the floor once it's all over - but that relies on the player knowing about the infinite height switch mechanic), but this automap message seems the most attractive because of the unambiguity. I guess the biggest question is how to make the player check the automap... maybe some floor writing that's visible both on the map and as an actual texture.

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Here's my submission. I found the constraints fun to work within. I tried to make something brief but (hopefully) fun and that tells a short story.



Advanced engine needed: Boom
Music: Muse - Knights of Cydonia
Single Player: Designed for
Cooperative: No
Deathmatch: No
Demo: included
Difficulty Settings: Yes
Build Time: 1 week
Editor(s) used: SLADE 3
Tested With: PrBoom+, GZDoom
Bugs: You can run and bump-get the first sphere before fully lowering the platform, but I liked how it looked so I didn't fix it.
Description: A brief journey through time.









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Okay, here is a map which I could at least beat made at some point this year. The demo is in the zip file.

Map name - Pillbox

Limit removing

Music - Waltz of the demons by Robert Prince

Designed for - Single player 

Difficulty settings included



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So here is my submission that I promise earlier this year. Its actually a collection of three 30+ minute speed maps into one big map so this was a good opportunity to use them instead of wasting them on my PC. 


Map name: Pathway of Rejection

Advanced engine needed: none its a vanilla map tested on Chocolate Doom 

Music: Shovel Knight - Strike the Earth! Plains of Passage 

Designed for: single player but there are coop starts included but untested

Difficulty settings: none but tested on UV






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Map Name: Carnage

Designed for: Single Player

Music: from Tarakannik 3

Build Time: 1 day

Difficulty Settings: Yes

Demo: UV-Max in 2:39


Hope you enjoy.

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Just deciding to spring off a surprise here but don't get too excited yet. I made a tough map intended for this project but I am still unable to beat it at this moment. I nearly reached the exit though only due to a stupid mistake to my poor playing skills. There is no guarantee you'll get it. I have 6 weeks to beat it, if not it misses out and is released standalone or in the 2019 Mega Project if no demo is required.

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Map name: Brutana

Files Included: brutana.lmp, brutana.txt, brutana.wad
Author: Pcorf
Compatibility: Limit Removing
Tested in: ZDoom 2.8.1 (Doom strict) and Prboom-Plus

Single Player: Designed For

Co-op: Player Starts Only

DM: No starts
Difficulty settings: YES
Build time: A few days
Tools used: Doom Builder 2.1, XWE 1.16
Resources: None (Uses standard Doom 2 textures)
Music: Parhelion by Jimmy
Comments: A very hard map with nasty ambushes galore. UV is for experts. Features every monster type from Doom 2 and finding the secret areas are vital!

Demo: Recorded in Prboom-plus using complev2, Long play with 100% kills, 100% items and 100% secrets.




SCREEN SHOTS (No Monsters)







Edited by pcorf

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Congratulations @pcorfon uvmaxing your challenging map. I thought you were doomed when you got stuck in the exit when the invulnerability ran out, but you managed to prevail. I look forward to taking your uvmax challenge once the project is released.

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4 hours ago, pcorf said:

UV is for experts.


Congratulations on joining the ranks of the experts.

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5 hours ago, Pegleg said:


Congratulations on joining the ranks of the experts.


I don't call it expert. I think expert is somebody who is very skilled and plays fast through a level in the style of a TAS (Tool assisted speedrun) demo (yes it's kinda funny as I do live in TAS Australia). I'm just a very cautious player and as you can see it was a struggle, like falling into the slime midway through the level (the reason the radiation suits are there) because I was not used to the prboom-plus controls with the mouse as I often play in Zdoom. Usually when I play through megawads I usually load game / save game. And yeah, what made this even more fun was that one of the Arch Viles resurrected some ghost monsters including a Hell Knight. I think an expert should be able to beat this while avoiding the secrets, some which are fairly well hidden.


I was temped to make a Doom 2 level because I've been working on so many UD levels (Next ADO) over the last year or so.

Edited by pcorf

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On 11/22/2018 at 11:47 PM, Scotty said:

Things go wrong for Doomguy when he goes out for a nice quiet game of snooker. Complevel 9


Funny map, even if I don't get the 147 joke


Over the ending section with 147 secrets


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Title: Cavern Complex

Author: Netherstorm

Compatibility: Boom (complevel 9)

Tested with: PrBoom+, GZDoom

Editors used: GZDoom Builder

Music: Upper Brinstar (Plant Overgrowth Area) from Super Metroid

Build Time: 2-3 weeks

Description: Haven't created a map in a long time, but I thought I'd submit something here.






Edited by Netherstorm

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A work in progress of my entry, a limit-removing map, if I can finish it this year (screenshots done with Crispy Doom) :







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Pretty nice! Gotta love some big multi-level crate mazes. Maybe wouldn't play a megawad composed entirely out of them, but it's always plenty of fun every once a while.


I finally finished the optional intro of my map, now I can fully focus on the final section!


Here's some xtreme detail I made.


It was a game changer for me to discover that slime trails only result from diagonal lines. And so as long as I keep stuff orthogonal, I can go wild!

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This year I did it. More than 20 maps is a nice outcome for the project and with these rules.


Name: Okura Swamps

Download: okuswamp.zip

Compatibility: Limit removing

Demo: recorded on prboom+ with complevel 2

Midi: Slipper - by Mark Klem

Description: A rather short level made with an old-school vibe in mind.

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22 hours ago, Walter confetti said:

Love that switch skull detail


For a second there I thought those were monster spawning cubes XD

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Well... it seems that my map is complete at last! Now all that's left is testing, testing and some more testing. But I've tested it a lot already and it continues to be enjoyable!

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