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[released] Doomworld Mega Project 2018 (beat your own map)

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Good to see a new todmap. Seems like it's been ages since the last one. Disappointed that the demo didn't feature you saying "why are you watching this" halfway through though :P


3 hours ago, TimeOfDeath666 said:

I forgot to check if ESP2 won a cacoward this year.


It didn't, but esp1 got a mention in the "missed cacowards" feature, which was quite nice.

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5 hours ago, FrancisT18 said:

@pcorf The Brutana download link isn't working for me. :(


Oh didn't knew it was deleted, probably deleted it by accident when re-uploading the update. Anyway I re-uploaded it.



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I did it, I did it, I did it.


Day of the Rope (Boom format)

Music used: Lee Jackson - Taking The Death Toll (Duke Nukem 3D soundtrack)

Skill levels, co-op and deathmatch supported.


Recording the demo took me 45 minutes, and it was one hell of a ride. More so thanks to my unfocusing window and sticking keys, but that was secondary...


(Screenshot 1) (Screenshot 2) (Screenshot 3)



 - the level is considerably story-focused, and begins with a pretty long and linear intro. As explained by the (visible but not very prominent) writing on the floor, you can skip it by repeatedly pressing use on the window-facing edge. Not recommended the first time, but most definitely useful when you're playing without saves! The "intro" officially ends upon reaching the area in screenshot 1.

 - despite having unreachable monsters, 100% kills is possible! The unreachable monsters will be taken care of once you press the final switch. The defenseless prisoners and one intro-only enemy are also optional to kill.

 - the level is stingy with health and ammo alike, but it's still beatable on UV without getting a single secret! I tested it, and only had to reload a save once.

Edited by Scypek2 : new demo included, yay

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1 hour ago, Grain of Salt said:

What format is this demo? Cos prb says "unknown demo format 255" when I try to run it


I recorded it in Eternity 4.0, with -complevel 9.


I hope most people will try playing the level by themselves first, that would probably make a better impact.

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Can you do Eternity demos for this? As far as I know, and I may be wrong, only vanilla demos recorded in Eternity can be played back in PRBoom+.

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I don't know the specifics of Eternity demo recording and whether it can record boom format demos the way prboom can, but yeah Scypek2's demo will have to be re-recorded, sorry.
EDIT: like Spectre01 said, it looks like Eternity can only record Eternity demos or vanilla demos, not boom demos

GoS - that was my first new map of 2018, my slowest year ever.

Edited by TimeOfDeath666

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I would like to submit a map. 


Name: Dark Terminal

Author: Jthom

Format: Doom format (tested in prboom+ cl2 and cl9) 

Build time: 1 week

Comments: Your standard doom 2 techbase, it is pretty big, for a pretty good player I would say about a 10-minute romp through demon infested halls. I was going to release it as a map in my own short episode, but it turned out larger and better than I expected, so I thought it would be a good idea to submit it here! 

Map: DarkTerminal.zip



Please lemme know what yall think and feel free to download and give it a shot!

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13 hours ago, TimeOfDeath666 said:

I don't know the specifics of Eternity demo recording and whether it can record boom format demos the way prboom can, but yeah Scypek2's demo will have to be re-recorded, sorry.



(also in main download now)

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Cool, thanks!


In my latest run, I employed some new strategies and ended up with final time of 33 instead of 45 minutes, even though I wasn't even trying to hurry. I wonder how fast would it take a speedrunner to complete?

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3 minutes ago, valkiriforce said:

@Ninehills42 It's only stock Doom 2 resources, so you'll have to make due with what you can when making your map. You should check the rules on the first post again to be sure of anything else.


Everything else was clear, luckily I didnt use many of them. Thank you for the fast reply.

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Looking forward to the release. People can get to play Brutana and others.

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So i had this unused map lying around, it was originally made for another cp where unfortunately things didn't worked well. I had used some parts of it in another project but the flow and combat are entirely different, so i hope it's okay despite of that. The only reason it uses the map21 slot is because of the sky.



Title: Caina

Compatibility: Vanilla

Tested with: Chocolate Doom

Build Time: About a month

Description: An inferno map, with visuals inspired by the original doom 1 episode





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Hello everyone!

First of all, Happy New Year!


Here's my map for this year's (2018) project:

Name: Master Procrastination

Author: Ninehills42

Music: Hot Butter - Popcorn

Difficulty settings: added

Download link: http://www.mediafire.com/file/ptd81ilx0dog6vn/Master_Procrastination.zip/file

Text: This is a pretty difficult map. I started making it back in January, but i was busy, lazy, etc, so you guessed it: the name of the map refers to my lazyness. Anyways, there is no theme to this map, I just wanted to make something cool looking, and this is what I got. The difficulty is ramping up in the end, so watch out! Good luck.










Edit: Boom compatibility.

Edited by Ninehills42

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On 11/30/2018 at 9:13 PM, Malrionn said:

A work in progress of my entry, a limit-removing map, if I can finish it this year (screenshots done with Crispy Doom) :



Unfortunately, this map isn't finished, it's roughly 3/4 done. So, it is maybe for next year.

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Salutations, my fine collective!

Compatibility: Vanilliest of vanilla, tested and recorded in Chocolate Doom.

Music: Ahead from Dolphin's Dream Midi Ocean.

A real small thing this time around...


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Here is my submission for this year's DMP, Sludge Outpost. The included demo is not pretty, but it meets the requirements of proving the map can be finished on UV.


It's currently 6:45 PM Eastern Time on 12/31/2018, so this is just in time. I actually started a different map in January, but ending up procrastinating. When December rolled around, I realized that, with the holidays, I wasn't going to be able to finish it in time. So, I made this map instead. It may be short, but I still think it's a fun map that can provide a bit of a challenge.


I recorded the demo in PrBoom+ v.

The text of the batch file read as follows: prboom-plus -iwad doom2 -file sldgepst -skill 4 -record pegleg_dmp2018_sldgepst


I just noticed that the complevel 2 was not included. Hopefully, that will not be held against the entry. My default settings in PrBoom+ are actually set to vanilla compatibility.




Title: Sludge Outpost

Compatibility: Vanilla

Author: Pegleg

Music: "The Healer Stalks"

Build time: 20 hours spread out over 2 weeks

Tools used: Eureka, Slade

Tested in Chocolate Doom 3.0.0 and PrBoom+

Difficulty Settings: Yes

Co-op: Starts only

Deathmatch: Starts with minimal weapons and armor added

Text: This is a fairly short map, set in a small outpost on a planet with brown sludge and a slimy green sky. The outpost was overrun, so you have to find the keys in order to escape. About 40-50% of the map is optional, being non-essential to completing the map, but a bit of exploration will be rewarded.



EDIT: This would be the 31st map for DMP 2018. While this number is fewer than the last couple years, it seems that the DW community got over the more-restrictive rules and still came together to submit a number of maps (full-size megawad quantities and all). We'll see how many more (if any) come in during the last 5 hours of 2018 in the Eastern Time Zone. Happy New Year's everyone!


EDIT 2: The rules clearly stated to record the demo with complevel 2, so I recorded a new demo. It is attached in my post three posts under this one, along with the original map and some additional information. To avoid confusion, I deleted the original zip file.

Edited by Pegleg : Additional text and new demo.

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2 hours ago, TimeOfDeath666 said:

Pegleg, thanks for your map. Unfortunately the demo is in "current prboom compatibility" so it will have to be re-recorded.


OK. Here is a demo recorded in PrBoom+ using the following batch file:


prboom-plus -iwad doom2 -complevel 2 -file sldgepst -skill 4 -record pegleg_dmp2018_sldgepst_cl2




For simplicity, the zip file contains the map as well. It is the same as in the original post--I didn't change the map; I just replayed it with the appropriate compatibility level. I have edited my first post to reflect the new demo.

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Name: Doomed District

Compatibility: Boom

Music: "Caught in the Shadows" by Jimmy

Build time: 2 months

Difficulty settings: Yes

Tested with: PrBoom+

Download: dmp2018_jjp.zip


Comments: A rather large city map that uses all six keys. HMP or HNTR is strongly recommended for a first playthrough.


The demo itself is over three and a half hours long, and it shows most of the map on UV, although it isn't a UV-Max since I decided to exit rather than risk dying to the last encounter. It is also abysmal. Feel free to fast forward through it. I even forgot where one of the secrets is located, and I was trying to remember where it was towards the end but gave up. I also didn't start recording it until today, when I finished squeezing everything I wanted to include in the map. It's actually my first time beating the map on UV too. Why did I leave it until the last minute...


There are a few minor bugs, including a stuck thing or two and some block sound lines that I should remove, but oh well.

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Thanks for all the maps and demos everyone, you did good :) Now I'll work on compiling everything.

For DMP2019, I still have to sort out all the rules before I start the thread, but so far the maps must be compatible with zdoom 2.8.1 with jumping and freelook.

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