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Hell on Earth: Super Tiny Edition[RELEASE]

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So for months since October I've been contemplating whether or not should I ever release this...since its my birthday I'm just doing just that just because :P


Hell on Earth: Super Tiny Edition is an experimental vanilla Doom 2 megawad where I recreate all the Doom 2 maps into tiny playable 64x64 spaces. There are still Demons of Hell out to get ya outside of the playable spaces ;)


Also I'm aware of the existence of the infamous joke wad Congestion 64 which was what inspire me to make this oddball of a megawad.  






Forums Download: HoE64.zip

ID Games download: Coming Soon

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5 minutes ago, Linguica said:

Are you aware of Doom 2 in a Nutshell?

Yes I'm aware of it since its release years back but honestly didn't thought about it when I originally made this back in October.

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