Need help with music change.

so i did exactly this: 

#include "zcommon.acs"

Script 1 (VOID)

yet whenever the player crosses the script execute lines IT DOES NOT WORK.

what did i do wrong?

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1) Make sure the line is set to when player crosses and has the right action

2) Make sure MAP02MUS is present in the WAD and has this exact lump name

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yes it has the right ones, it just says missing music "MAP02MUSIC" even though i did change the script to diffrent names it says the same.....

should i rewrite the script again?


edit: yeah that did the job. thanks for the help anyways

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12 hours ago, Sirekoquonfaes said:


Try it without the " ,0". Like this "SetMusic("MAP02MUS");


Use Slade to determine that the music file is in your wad.

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