Hello, and welcome to the latest iteration of Nova III. This is the third instalment of the NOVA series of maps, in which newer and perhaps lesser-known mappers get together to create a fully fleshed out megawad with help from the wider community.   Given that some of the maps in this project are now nearing 2 years old and that we already have a good number of maps submitted, i am keen to try to get this progressing more quickly and so i would like to see further map submissions in by March 1st 2018. I am not sure who is actually working on maps at the moment outside of a couple of people so if you are, please do check in here so I can add you to the WIP to get an idea of where we’re at here and how much space is left. If you are working on something, endeavour to get it to a playable state and submitted by this date so you don’t miss out. Once we have a solid map pack together i’ll perhaps do a playtesting stream to help address any issues with individual maps, but of course i’ll be providing feedback in the interim.   EPISODE THEMES: E1 – Hell E2 – Jungle, Ruins, Temples E3 – The Moon   Mapping guidelines for the project:   Please test your maps in PRBoom+, complevel 9 to ensure they work properly in the intended source port. Not doing so is inexcusably lazy and may see your map being rejected. If you are not sure how to do this, please ask.   Custom textures are acceptable, within reason. I would like to keep each episode fairly cohesive so please do not use too many new textures/flats – 10 is probably the limit really – there is plenty in the resource pack to work with already. Please name your extra textures with a 3 letter username prefix (e.g. SCO_XXXX).   Note on slaughter maps, as some people have asked about this in the past. The difficulty of this wad will hopefully be roughly the same as previous Nova instalments. Any maps falling outside of this range will not be accepted. As of February 25th any brand new maps submitted to the project must have 350 monsters or less, this is to ensure playtesting can be thoroughly completed and contribute to this being a great megawad.   MAPPING DEADLINE IS OCTOBER 31ST!!!!   What is Megiddo III? Well, it’s a collaboration where individual mappers create a small area with 100-150 monsters in a pretty large fight, and then all the areas are put together to make one giant map. It is Nova tradition and so will stay – check out the previous 2 Novas to understand the concept better. This time it will be in the map15 slot and so will be E2 themed. Please contact me if you are interested in creating something for this map, as there is space for maybe 7-8 people to get involved in total. I will oversee the direction of Meggiddo III to try and keep things under control with it.   More miscellaneous project chat can be had in the Nova Discord.