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MAP06: Thing 654 (teleport destination) not flagged for Easy, arch-vile unable to teleport in.


RC1 is pretty good as far as thing bugs go besides that! Nice work.

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Well we got there in the end! Thanks for seeing this through @Scotty & co.

Maybe I forgot to send the update version of my map through but you've included an older version with a few bugs - there's quite a likely softlock early in the current version.


I played through the first few maps in coop too and noticed similar issues:

map02 - the door that locks at the crushers won't open if the player inside dies before the red key pickup

map03 - a lot of monsters can be skipped if shared keys are on after someone gets the red key

map05 - same as map02, the door doesn't open if someone dies in the crusher room before hitting the switch

map06 - during the pit trap, the people who wait at the top can attack the archviles before they are revealed to the person below

map10 - one player spawned in the voodoo closet


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Thanks all. I will look to update to RC2 in around 2 weeks as i am not going to be home for a bit over the new year. I figure i probably should add MAPINFO so this will be included in RC2 as well as fixes to any bugs mentioned in time.

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