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Let's play a game: You are the marine!

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Posted (edited)

Imagine you're an average marine in the Doom 3 world at the moment of the invasion. Pick what you would prefer.

(You can pick only one option in every case)


  • Three elite marines with machineguns (Skilled as Bravo Team)
  • Jack Campbell
  • Two sentry bots
  • Alone
  • Thomas Kelly


A place to be during the invasion


  • Alpha labs
  • Enpro Plant
  • Erebus labs (let's imagine that this place exists at the start of the invasion, no ROE bosses)
  • Hell
  • Central processing




  • Machinegun & Shotgun
  • Minigun & Grenades
  • Rocket Launcher
  • Plasmagun & Pistol




  • The SOS message has been sended to Earth!, go back to that computer and inform Earth's people to NO send any ship to Mars until the Invasion is over. When you accomplish this you need to return to Mars city and protect any ship to leave from Mars.
  • Go to HELL, search for the scientist PDA (the one near the Guardian portal) then go back to the teleporter, put a C4 with a timer (in order to destroy the teleporter between Delta Labs Sector 4 and Hell), and then comeback.
  • See what happened with the Bravo Team and with Elliot Swann

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I'm a lone marine in Hell, armed with a shotgun and machine gun, supposedly searching for the scientist's PDA but actually sitting by a beach (of lava or fire) as if it were a sauna.

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I'm not going to take the bravo team guys because they get easily killed by one wraith (that I then proceed to kill by shooting it in the face immediately)

I'm not going to take Campbell because without Swann around he won't be able to say "Whatever you say, Counselor" as he likes to do and then he's going to get disoriented

I'm not going to take two sentry bots because nobody can take two sentry bots at once as proved by going to the racks and trying to activate a second unit as the first one you had was destroyed

I'm not going to take Kelly because I'm never going to be able to pick up the pace as much as he'd like me to


so I guess it's alone (?)

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