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The Doomguy Test

The Doomguy Test - Volume Alpha  

80 members have voted

  1. 1. Are you a doomguy?

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Yes: 1, 3, 4, 6, 8, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 18.


Talking about 16, I feel like no matter what situation is, I would like to be the minority.


Then about 11, I think besides this, I have something like that I am not comfortable with odd number bullets or shells or save as much ammo as possible, but doing speedrunning sort of fixed these problems... interestingly enough.

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Well isn't this an interesting thread :v .


My take:


Yes to: 1, 3, 6, 11, 12, 14, 18.  The rest are even "no" or "didn't try".

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2 hours ago, antares031 said:

Have you ever wondered why the hell did the id software create pain elementals?

Why would I even

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1. No (also what map is that from? Counterattack?)

2. Yes

3. I love how that gif rewinds, also yes.

4. Yep.

5. No I break my keyboard over that.

6. Obviously

7. Yes.

8. Pain elementals are incredibly underused and deserve respect. Same with lost souls. The best monsters in-game.

9. Fuck all of your custom titles.

10. If something that wins is a fish stealer, then yes.

11. Actually, no.

12. Duh.

13. No.

14. Not anymore.

15. I would be playing other games.

16. I don't remember the last time I even voted in a Doomworld poll.

17. To increase the amount of linedefs? Fuck no. I prefer more hand-drawn trees.

18. Yes AND no.

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1. No, it's Doom aesthetics.

2. No.

3. Yes! Also on PSX!

4. Sure, because mostly I use PRBoom+. Also some G/ZDoomers launching pwads with wrong iwad, then wondering about black textures. Noobz!

5. No, moreover by this cause I rarely playing deathmatches.

6. Yes, it's annoying sometimes.

7. No. Because I'm already made megawad, and almost all my unfinished maps and sketches/layouts were useful in this project.

8. No, why I should wonder?

9. Not yet.

10. Yes 😒

11. Yes. But I'm most times pick up medikits when 80-83%.

12. Yes.

13. No. I'm not 12 year old kid.

14. Yes!

15. No. That's will be another story.

16. No.

17. Not yet.

18. Yes, and that is the cause I am still here.

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Yes to most of these, except:


4 hours ago, antares031 said:

6. Do you feel angry when that damn imp, right in front of your face, didn't die from a full-hit of shotgun blast?

I don't think I've ever blasted an imp point-blank with a shotgun and had it not die. This seems impossible to me.


EDIT: Huh, no, this is a real thing according to the tables on the wiki. It really can sometimes take two shots to kill an imp.

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2 (Trying out Russian Overkill on Deus Vult.  It's not a habit!)
4 (At least inadvertently... stupid shovelware compilations)
7 (Megawads, TCs... mostly recycled into other still unfinished projects, dumped to the ZDoom public resource pile or else lost in HD wipes)
5 (At least for Quake... I might've been over it by the time I started doing Doom online)
18 (It's a strong contender especially within the FPS category but there are other games that I like a lot too)


1 (It's part of the Doom Experience! (TM))
9 (come on)
10 (I barely pay attention to them beyond shaking my head at recent loldrama)
13 (people believe this?  I've heard the swingshot thing, but never this.  I guess confusion over the fact that it wakes up monsters?)
17 (this is bad and you should feel bad)

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I answered most of these yes, and I get the doomguy title, but since I am under tons of stress I am going to push that AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA button :)

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1.) I die a little inside every time.
2.) Well, I mean, why not?
3.) Flawlessly every time.
4.) Frequently.
5.) Don't play much multi, so no.
7.) I was close to this.  I did manage to release a mini-episode, but I got bored halfway through working on the second.
9.) Not yet.  Wouldn't rule it out, though.
10.) Sometimes, yes.
11.) Bitch, I wouldn't use that medikit if I had 76 HP.
12.) +MISSILEMORE, my ass.
13.) No, that's just asinine.
14.) Frequently.  It's tough to just let it go.
15.) Sometimes, yes.  I figure I'd be a more productive member of society or something.  But come on, fuck that.
16.) No.  Who cares what others think?
17.) Never.  Detailing is bullshit anyway.
18.) Would I still be playing it daily if I didn't think it was iD's greatest gift to mankind?

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5 hours ago, CWolf said:

Why would I even

 I believe that, somewhere out there in the universe, there must be some people who don't like pain elementals. To be honest, I'm one of them. xD

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I appreciate the time you took to make these gifs just for a silly questionairre.

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  1. No
  2. *Grins nervously* yes
  3. YESSS! :-D
  4. Yep
  5. I don't think so. I usually don't look at the ping after I connect
  6. YESSS! D-:
  7. No
  8. YESSS! D-:<
  9. Nope
  10. Yeah, slightly
  11. Of course
  12. Yes!
  13. No. I punch the air knowing full well that it won't make them more aggressive.
  14. Of course, who hasn't?
  15. Yep
  16. No, I usually feel like seriously reconsidering my choice.
  17. Nope
  18. Indeed I do. :-)

I am a doomguy.


EDIT: Dangit! I am in the majority AGAIN!! :-\

Edited by 42PercentHealth

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Mmmkay, here I go, for the record I'm a very grey person, nothing is 100% this or that for me, except kills and secrets (; 


1. No, if it's not invading my view from, say a banquette of projectiles, I'm ok, always.

2. No, the gif is lol.

3. Yup

4. Absolutely yes, and then wonder why the hell does it look horribly black and distorted... but actually loading both Heretic and Doom 2 had interesting results.

5. Nope, I have never played deathmatch or multiplayer.

6. Uh yeah!

7. I don't map yet (:

8. Yes, and why there aren't more! 

9. No

10. No(?)

11. Not really, I guess it depends on what's coming next.

12. A million yeses! 

13. No, I punch air to drive the smell of putrid demon's farts away.

14. Yes, until I learned that was wrong.

15. I do, and I wonder why I never tried custom wads years before when I found this forum.

16. No, I vote what I want to vote, not depending on others.

17. I don't map yet (: (2)

18. Probably, I don't pay attention to modern games in general, so Doom simply fits my tastes in every way.


Results: young doomguy owo

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1. Have you ever felt discomfort because of that corpse of cacodemon, hanging on the edge by one pixel?

Not really, I think it's kind of funny - although I would prefer if the corpse would just keep sliding until it fell off because that does feel satisfying.


2. Have you ever tried to play slaughtermaps with thousands of monsters, with ludicrously overpowered weapon pack, such as supergun.wad?

Yes. I played a little of Scythe 2's later maps with supergun2.wad just for fun, but it's not something I do regularly as I prefer to play the maps as they are.


3. Have you ever managed to knock down this zombieman squad in MAP03, with a single super shotgun blast?

I'm pretty sure I have, given about 20 years worth of Dooming at this point.


4. Have you ever tried to run a PWAD with the wrong IWAD?

Yes, I'm sure I've done this - most likely with something to do with the original Doom since I'm used to everything using Doom2.wad.


5. Have you ever justified yourself, when you lost a deathmatch on ZDaemon, because your opponent had a better ping than yours?

Nope, I've only ever played a few games of deathmatch. However, I have certainly had my share of misfortune playing on Thursday Night Survival because of a higher ping (I still have time to dodge that rocket-*dead* wait, what!?)


6. Do you feel angry when that damn imp, right in front of your face, didn't die from a full-hit of shotgun blast?

If it's prolonged after numerous attempts, then yes. Usually I can managed to pick them off pretty well though.


7. Have you ever started your own ambitious megawad project, but ended up with only just a few levels that didn't even manage to see the light?

No, I think I've managed to release almost every major project I've started save for Scarlet Echoes despite being a smaller mapset. Still don't know what to do with that one...


8. Have you ever wondered why the hell did the id software create pain elementals?

No, I definitely welcome the challenge. I think any true Doomguy would say no to this one.


9. Have you ever did something stupid intentionally, just to earn your own custom title?

No, I prefer not to.


10. Do you feel disappointed, when your favorite wad of the year isn't even listed on the runner-up of Cacoward?

Not really - there's more to Doom wads than hoping they win awards. Although it's nice for some lesser-known authors to get more recognition, if it's something I had fun playing I'd say it's earned its place in my collection of PWADs that I feel are especially enjoyable. I still enjoy looking and reading through the Cacowards though, I just wish there was a better way to sort through wads with a smaller impact that are no less important. Personally, I wouldn't mind putting together a limitless list of notable wads whether big or small, just to get it out there all the more.


11. Do you hesitate for a moment when you find a medikit, while you have around 80% health?

Sometimes, depends if the map is generous or not.


12. Do you feel annoyed by a monster, which isn't firing its weapon for decades, while you want to provoke monster infighting?

Yes, of course!


13. Do you try to punch the air, since you think that punching in front of monsters makes them more aggressive?

Yes, it gets their attention more if I just act aggressive from a certain distance.


14. Have you ever tried to shoot an arch-vile, which was targeting a different monster, and you took the damage instead?

Yes...I might get too excited and fire prematurely and eat the big one.


15. Have you ever wondered what would happen to your life, if you didn't know anything about Doom?

Not really - there's a lot of things that could be said about, but Doom does exist for a good reason.


16. Do you feel relieved, when you picked the option that the majority has selected on the poll in Doomworld?

Relieved? I guess...I haven't engaged in many polls though.


17. Have you ever abused "Curve Linedefs" or "Stair Sector Build Mode" on Doom Builder, just to increase the amount of linedefs of your level for some reason?

No, I do whatever is necessary in my map, whether in few or many linedefs. Most of the time it's not many since most of my mapping time has been spent making vanilla maps.


18. Do you think that Doom is the best first person shooter ever made, or even the best video game ever made?

I'd say it's definitely one of them, but there are plenty of other greats I can't imagine doing without. I think Doom is really important for many reasons, but there are still plenty of other really well-made games that are worthy of such a title as well. Even though very few have ever had an impact as powerful as Doom's presence even to this day, I don't think they should be any less considered. Contra III might be the most replayed game of my existence besides all the Doom stuff.

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1) Never saw that when playing, but the example does bug me.
2) Never played a slaughtermap nor used an OP weapon pack.
3) Only on HMP, I don't know if there are more in UV+.
4) Once, because I was running on autopilot and forgot I moved an IWAD elsewhere.
5) Never played Doom multiplayer, but I do blame lag anyway.
6) Annoyed but not angry. "A shell, an Imp" as someone's custom title states.
7) Never touched a map editor.
8) Sometimes, then I answer "More pain."
9) No way.
10) Nope.
11) Mostly yes, especially if I can't get around it. I do the same thing with shotgun shell boxes.
12) Yes.
13) No.
14) It only happens when I think I can guarantee its death in one shot, but RNG says no.
15) A bit. I think my life is a little less enriched without Doom.
16) I don't remember voting in any polls, but I'd go with yes.
17) Never touched a map editor.
18) One of the best of all time, but I can't really put into words why.

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1) Yes. I am a symmetry freak and I like my things tidied up, so when I see this, I feel great pain on the inside!

2) No. Even though it would be fun, I almost never use mods and I never thought about doing it.

3) Yes.

4) Yes. Both accidentally and intentionally.

5) No. I rarely play any multiplayer and my connection is ok, so I can't make that excuse.

6) Yes. Are you trying to kill me with this thread??? Not singleshotting an imp is awful!!!

7) No. Not enough inspiration for a megawad. Besides, I like to always finish what I start building. (playing WADs is an entire other thing)

8) Yes. Then again it is Hell we are talking about, so the Pain Elementals rightfully secured their place in it.

9) No.

10) No. It's not mine, so I don't care about that. Enjoying it is all that matters.

11) Yes. It is a dilemma I faced many times.

12) Yes. Especially if I don't have enough ammo.

13) No. I usually have a weapon out.

14) Yes. I feel dumb after that.

15) No. Though I am guessing that I would have never known about Doom 3, so I probably wouldn't get to know if games and generally many 90s pc games.

16) No.

17) No. Everything has to be hand drawn!!!

18) YES!!!


I am a Doomguy. Hurrayyyy...

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