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Hillish Facility

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A short level with a big secret, and even a secret exit.

IWAD: Doom 2

Engine: ZDoom

Contains various custom assets from Realm667.

Skybox generated by Oblige.

Music from Doom: Legions of Hell. (the Wolfenstein 3D mod)




Edited by AmossGuy : more crediting

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42 minutes ago, Myst.Haruko said:

Include few screenshots in the first post to attract more people ;)

Did that.

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Hillish or hellish? :p

Looks like a big ol' empty 90s level. Good news is that quite a few people here find that up their alley. As for me, I'm not the biggest fan but I'll defos have to give this a play when I get off work.

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13 minutes ago, bioshockfan90 said:

Looks like a big ol' empty 90s level.

Some parts are rather empty -- if you don't visit any buildings or the big secret, the only enemies you'll encounter are 2-4 zombiemen, 2 shotgun guys, and an imp.

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That music coming from the Quake 2 originally.

The level is short and feels empty. I think it needs more detailing and interconnections. The secrets is too easy to find. I will give 2/5 stars for effort.

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I recorded demo for this wad. I believe that secret area shouldn't be secret and serve as proper gameplay area. Also you could seal exit doors with preferred key colour and create some kind of challenge. I have feeling that you're new in mapping, so I believe that you'll get more experience in the future.

Drag and drop demo,your wad on zdoom 2.8.1 port. 

hillish demo.zip

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