Building a Doom level in Unity

Heya, I'm back with another blog post about my work on my Doom engine. This time I wrote about how I approached building and triangulating the levels. I actually used the same approach as Doom Builder 2, but much less successfully :) I don't mention it here but there are a lot of situations that still fail to build, so some levels are still incomplete.


I don't go into too many technical details here and over-simplified a lot of the Doom stuff cause I wanted it to be a more accessible read. 


In terms of my engine itself, I'm working on a few new features including the level entities, HUD and menus. I'd like to release and alpha build at some point but want to get it to a more fleshed out state before I do that.

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This is the coolest thing, and thank you for writing about it in way that even I can understand. I'm really eager to see where this project goes.

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As someone who's been heavily involved in learning Unity and improving personally within its use, I'm really looking forward to this. I can't wait to see more.

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