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Clyde's Revenge Soundtrack WAD - /idgames link ready!

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Posted (edited)

Hey guys!


I just release a MIDI wad with music from an old DOS game, Clyde's Revenge, released in 1995 by Moonlite Software. Hopefully people use some of these MIDIs in the soundtrack!


The wad has now been uploaded to /idgames, just waiting for it to be pending.


/idgames link:





P.S. Be sure to credit the original composer, Garret Thomson if anyone decides to use any of these songs in their wad!

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Great job! The midis sound really good in the game, haven't heard them entirely but I have some fresh memories from that game. I think they would fit in an old-style wad, not sure if all the midis together as some of them are very similar to each other. I will use them when I get into mapping. 


BTW, taking the opportunity to ask you if you could read the question I made in one of your Youtube videos /o\

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Well the thing is, half of the MIDIs are similar, but use different instruments. Also, when you play the actual game, and when you set the music to Adlib/Soundblaster or General MIDI, the MIDIs start with SB and MV respectively. I don't know how to describe it, but if you download the soundtrack from this web site, you'll see what I mean:



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