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Taw Tu'lki


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My first WAD. I have been creating them for 3 days. It's not so many for professional WAD creators, but not so few for me. 

Tested on Zdoom, Zdaemon and Rise3D. 






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Okay, since it's your first map, I'm gonna be really harsh on you.


I played it through up to the yellow key area and I have to say that the map is really badly designed. Almost every section is a boring rectangle and the gameplay is extremely repetetive. There are also some simple mistakes, like when you open a door and a lot of enemies swarms in front of the door and you spend 2 minutes taking them all down from outside the door. That can be fixed simply by setting the monsters inside the room to 'deaf' and they won't go towards you until they see you. Overall combat in this map is really easy, and even if there is a lot of enemies, they're not dangerous to you at all.

The use of textures is really lackluster, there is no detail ever, usually you just have a square room with 3 different textures on the floor, ceiling and walls. So basically the entire map is ugly as sin.

The only positive thing I have to say about this map is that you used a custom midi. That's good :)


My advice for you is to play through some other fanmade maps, take a close look at every area, try to find some good ideas, and try to incorporate them in your next map. I'm not telling you to steal others' ideas 1 to 1, but just to draw inspiration and try to follow in experienced mappers' footsteps. Remember that nobody is good at mapping right off the bat, my first map was also shit, but after some time I learned how to create more complex stuff. Also, try not to make big maps at the begginig, just start off with something short, but more detailed. That's all from me, good luck with future projects! ;)


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The music track does have some very annoying high pitched parts though! I got to nearly the end of the map, and there were some good fights. Thoughts below:


- The texture choice is very "in your face" at the start, but doesn't really fit with the rest of the map.

- There are a lot of very cramped corridors.

- You have weapons all over the place. In general, it's neater to simply have ammunition later on, unless you think someone might have missed a weapon in a previous part.

- Some of the secrets are behind very obvious doors that most people will open.

- The Cyberdemon fight is very poorly designed. You can't really fight him in that closed space but you also can't lure him out to the previous area either.

- There are a lot of objects to bump into as you run around, which really slows progress.

- There were a few texture misalignments

- I couldn't work out the end of the map?

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So I attempted the map but couldn't finish it due to a possible bug. I got trapped inside the building by the lowered ceiling. Anyway, this map resembles my very first wads - tight corridors, quite straightforward layout, multiple alignment issues, etc. Texturing at the start of the level was indeed exceptional :) I also enjoyed my 1% survival :)


Here's the video of my blind run:



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