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Kriegsland : Blutordnung (2.3 04/02/18)

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Posted (edited)



Sorry for the lazy cross-posting and welcome to my 4th project, Kriegsland: Blutordnung!


Download link at the end of the post.


What is Kriegsland?


Kriegsland : Blutordnung (or, "Warfield : Blood Order" in english), is another one of those thousand WWII projects for Doom, made by YukesVonFaust and yours truly. Inspired by the new generation Wolfenstein games (2k9/TNO/TOB/TNC), WW-Nazis, CJ-Blitzkrieg, Disruptor, Quake and more WWII/Sci-fi games. The name started as Heftig Dystopie (Violent Dystopia), then Blutig Ordnung (suggested by Deii) and a history teacher, close friend of mine suggested Kriegsland. Then YukesVonFaust just suggested i should merge everything.


Also, with the recent scandals involving Doom spriters and illegal games on Steam, it is good to say: Kriegsland is a FREE GAME! You should NOT be paying for ANYTHING involving it. Everything is made by pure fun, for you guys. If you see anything suspect, contact us!



Why should i play this?


Because we have many, many things you don't see everyday on WWII games and you'll probably like!

Anyway, Features include:

- More than 80 DIFFERENT (until now) enemy variants for you to lead 'em down! Soldiers, officers, dogs, robots, robot dogs and MORE!
- A great arsenal of 22 futuristic nazi weapons with cheesy german names!
- Cross Wields for 5 weapons!!! BIND IT ON OPTIONS.
- Dual wields for 11 weapons! Press the Altfire key, and when in there, each click fires a weapon. To exit, hit the Zoom key or deselect the weapon.
- ADS for (not all, but many) weapons! Accessible with the zoom key.
- Quick kick attack! (ripped-off from Aracnocide but nobody would give a damn anyway)
- Quick knife attack, just like TNO! (How the hell B.J. gets the knife so fast?)
- Quick Grenade Attack! (bind those things on the options, sonny)!
- Custom deaths for fire, explosion, sonic, disintegration and shock states (this include the dogs)!!!
- Enemy tracers! Tracers are awesome! And they change as you select different difficulties!
- My first mod where i don't push voxels and 3D models to annoy you guys!
- Options to toggle special effects off, such as casings, smoke, blood and increase performance!
- Many different voices for nazi soldiers, and very few are from CoD!!!
- More you should see and even more to come!


Credits list


Sure, we must do this. Not for obligation, but for gratitude as well. It'll probably be incomplete for now, but i swear i'll do my best to gather everybody here. I always like to point out i'm not thefting people's work. If you saw something yours here and want me to take it outta the game, just give me a shout and i'll fix ASAP. And if your name isn't here, please remind me. I like to keep my name clean. :)



-Captain J
-Black Rock Shooter
-Wiw (for The New Order status bar coding and icons!!!)
-Wolf-skevos Jones
-Sgt. Shivers
-SMarineS (the custom deaths aren't in yet, but don't worry!)
-ElectricPulse (your nagant will come soon, buddy!)
-Gamma64 (Extreme Wolfenstein Rifleman)
-osjclatchford (i think i got his name right this time).


Weapon credits

-Vostyok (Luke Skywalker DL-44 sprites)
-duke 64
-midori man
-dark forces
-terminator skynet
-doom 3
-half life
-last rites
-Shadow warrior
-denis belmondo

If i forgot you, just give me a shout and i'll update this ASAP!!!



Add-ons and maps:


Kriegsland Enemies Pack!

Now, as promised, you can play with the Kriegsland enemies separately in vanilla mode or with your weaponset of choice!
Be aware that it replaces difficulty levels with Kriegsland levels, so it can mantain the actors replacements. So the most convenient would be to load the KriegslandEnemies.pk3 BEFORE the weaponset desired.

If you, however, get any bugs with any weapon mod, feel free to point it out. :)

EDIT: Combine Arms tend to lag Kriegsland Enemies a lot in my pc. I hope i am the only one.

The enemies pack can be used on Heretic too!


Kriegsland Weapons Pack!

After a long time, testing and procrastinating, the weapons-only version is finally here!!! Now you can blast your enemies with the lastest word from the dystopic pseudo-nazi world technology! The custom items were removed in order to avoid compatibility issues.



VladTopol's Add-on!

This great add-on made by VladTopol1706 (author of the Nuclear Dawn add-on for WW-Nazis!) replaces the sounds of almost all weapons, and add another weapon as well! It's the Panzer Alpatraum. Can be located on Slot 5 and spents 5 explosive ammunitions per shot! In compensation, it can instakill basically everything in the game (that includes you) :p


Edward Marlus Soundpack!

Edward Marlus, author of the great Wolfenstein Infinity also made an add-on for Kriegsland! This add-on replaces many weapon sounds with some REAL GOOD AND LOUD gunfire. Are you prepared for some noise?


Doomenator's Music pack!

This add-on made by Doomenator (with additional credits to TerminusEst13, Ryan Cordell and Marrub), gives Kriegsland a nice ambience by adding orchestral musics from Codename Panzers and World War II: Panzer Claws. Excellent to use with custom maps such as Epic, Epic 2, Going Down, Hell Revealed, among others!

Music Credits: Tolnay Peter, Ambrus Akos (Codename Panzers OST), Gerd Gunter Hoffman, Joachim Schafer (World War II: Panzer Claws OST).
Aditional Credits: StormRegion, In Images, ZUXXEZ Entertainment AG.


erni945's Music pack!

This add-on made by erni945(with additional credits to TerminusEst13), brings to Kriegsland awesome Mick Gordon tunes, including musics from the Wolfenstein new games! 230MB in size, but TOTTALY worth it.


Disruptor Music pack!

This add on made by me (with credits to TerminusEst13) utilizes the same formulae of the other music add-ons , but substitutes the music with Disruptor (PSX) soundtrack. Hope you guys enjoy it.


Super Nintendo nostalgia sounds!

The very first build of Kriegsland had many Super Nintendo game sounds as secret tones. If you miss them somehow, now it's the time to get your nostalgia back! And there's more! It also may work on ANY MOD!


Wolfenstein: Black Sun

The user Groovy is making a map pack for Kriegsland called Wolfenstein: Black Sun! You can follow his progress on the page below:





Download Link




I really like (constructive) feedback, and suggestions. This means you're welcome to give them!

As another side note, you are very welcome to make add-ons for the mod! I can't promise that every contribution will be an official thing, though. I must respect all tastes.

So, as always, have fun and GET PSYCHED!!!

Edited by GAA1992 : Updated file.

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Just thought I'd let you know the link doesn't work.It keeps coming back to this page.Anyway, the screenshots look great, will download and play when link is fixed.Thanks in advance!

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Sorry. I am not very familiar with the editor yet. I think i got everything fixed.

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Hey guys, i've updated Kriegsland again, and this time i've brought many changes. Among them, some new sprites for weapons, 21 new enemies, some new skins, extra rotations of fire states for 87 of all 97 human soldiers, some new gibs and many more. I hope you enjoy it.


See the full changelog here:



- Almost all soldiers now have rotation frames for their "See", "Aim" and "Fire" states.

- Nerfed Shotgunners health from 100 to 70.
- Health bonuses on the enemies pack no longer replace the original.
- Jetpack nazis now are faster and can strafe in the air.
- Now the knife can draw faster or slower depending on the weapon weight.
- DL-44 Blaster can now appear as a rare spawn in Cellpack places.
- Increased Ekelhaftwaffe's smoothness on akimbo animations.
- Kriegrobot and SchwarzAndroid now share the same fireball attack, with different damage, speed and scale. No more annoying grenades.
- Reorganized some soldiers in Heretic Spawners.
- High caliber ammo now gives 5 ammo and the high caliber box gives 40 instead of 45 now.
- Removed the floor and ceiling bullet decals. The explosion decal is still there.
- Added 10 new pistol enemy variants.
- Added 9 new riflemen enemy variants.
- Added a new Ubersoldat variant.
- Added a new Waffen-SS variant.


- Shotgunners now have a different skin according to the 3 common types of nazis (Afrika Korps, Schutzstaffel or Wehrmacht)
- Fixed Heretic Inventory Items icons
- Kar scope is now animated and has a new firing frame.
- Some weapons sounds had their pitch shiftings reduced for a better sounding.
- Menu sounds don't change their pitches anymore.
- Changed some gibs sprites to add some Mortal Kombat II gory gibs.
- Fixed MP-86 left hand sprites.
- New sprites for some imp replacements.
- Added a new sprite for the high caliber ammo.
- Corrected a enemy rifle sound.
- Made small fixes on bonus health sprites.
- Sonic gun pickup sprite is bigger.
- Changed a bonus item sprite.
- New sprites for the Sturmgewehr 60! fixed some inconsistencies along with new sight sprites and a barrel extension.


Have fun!

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