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Some Random Speedmapping!

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Posted (edited)


You have two hours to make a map- no custom textures, using DoomII and Boom format for simplicity- this is completely out of nowhere!

Custom music is allow, if you've done a speed map before you should know the posting rules! :D

Your three themes are:

1) Contrasting light levels

2) Hidden Passages

3) A strong aversion to former humans.

BONUS THEME!) Sneaky gameplay tactics!


You know what to do guys or gals. Let's make...this uh..happen...or something lol.

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Posted (edited)

You asked for it. :P Uses some (somewhat) stark lighting variation and the exit's kind of a secret passage.



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Posted (edited)

here's that rushed piece of garbage you ordered https://www.dropbox.com/s/5pzvzdennwu8ywd/nicejobbud.wad?dl=1


not sure what you thought was gonna happen with this.


edit: yea i just made and submitted it without ever opening it up in a port

as you could probably quite clearly see, it is nothing more than a meme with 1 monster in it

Edited by bonnie

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Posted (edited)

Oh goodness maps!


Well I actually made something rofl

MMMM a wad! Fixed again I hope!

Name: Perpetual Fuckery

Music: ApeEscape3_-_Western_Villiage.mid (From VGMusic)

Themes: All of them...kinda! More like secret pockets than passages though


..what did I doooooo

Edit: Bonnie I think some of the lines in your map are not assigned to sectors? or some lines flipped? Couldn't seem to finish the map! Also got a map name?

Edit edit: I fixed a lighting bug (I hope) and changed the exit to be a little less unfair

Edit edit edit: Oh god I don't know what I'm doing with my life its 4am aaaaaaaaa


Edited by Fuzzball

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Posted (edited)

Yeah there is a problem with Bonnies map, some of the switches don't work properly (it looks like there are platforms which are supposed to rise up to help you get to the library area but it doesn't work, also the switch that raises the platforms is a press button but there isn't any way to get up there unless the area in front of it is supposed to be a lift

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12 minutes ago, Suitepee said:

Can we rename this to the Giraffe Speedmapping Session?

Don't even joke about that, heh.

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I don't know how to feel about this. But I was asleep so I couldn't participate. 

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Posted (edited)

Kinda late entry but the whole thing was probably because what I said in Discord. Sorry about that.

2 hours from start to finish, Boom-compat, just Doom2 resources.




Bit easy. I did use Sergeants and Chaingunners, which technically aren't former human as per enemy. Enjoy trillion medikits

Edited by floatRand

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