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Beta version hell

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What are your thoughts on Doom wads being stuck in various beta forms for months or even years?


Personally, I definitely dislike the trend. You can just see the atmosphere of apathy and disinterest growing stronger in these project threads. It's like by the end nobody really cares anymore, and almost everyone already played the wad anyway and won't even see the final version, so what's the point? Also it's a big issue for speedrunners since you're never sure when it's OK to finally record demos. Usually you're the most excited to record right after the wad comes out, except nowadays you can't really do that and instead have to wait a long long time for the definitive release to finally appear, by which time you already have other things on your mind.


I think people should realize that making new mistakes is more fun and important than correcting the old ones.

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I agree. That's why I like to start with a public release candidate. It sets a tone like, "this has been tested and will be the version that I will upload soon, unless issues are found." And then to do it!


In order to do this, you need to be confident in your internal testing efforts, and you can only gain that confidence by testing a lot internally!

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