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Liquid Gold-Demo 3 Released!

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Description:On the surface of Ceti-Phi 889, a priceless resource flows like water:Fuel Gel. You've been sent in by the blah blah who cares or even bother taking this seriously it's a levelset just go kill the damn demons




Format:GZDoom UDMF, tested in GZDoom 3.2.4 only

Maps:MAP01-MAP03 currently

DIfficulty: Only Ultra-Violence is currently supported, and no plans for any other exist at this time.

Credits (also inside the .wad itself):



* jmickle66666666's "Aquatex v6"
* "Psyren" textures
* 40oz's "Mutiny"

* Jaws in Space's "Perditions Gate 2" textures
* ravagefox's "Mapgame" and "rf1024"
* All grass and vine textures from 32in24-15-tex

Mechadon's Box O Skies





"Ujangong Mix" , "Lightless Dawn" , "Spellbound"  , "Summon the Rawk" ,
"Crypto" Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License



DEMO 2 Changelog



Velveeta now does normalized damage across the whole .wad

Added Double Grenade Launcher and Nail Shotgun

Added Melee Revenant

Fixed Credits

Added MAP03 and its associated music track

Laid the seeds for the final encounter

Swapped Doomguy's boots for Boots that make him too heavy to jump while he slept



Reworked the soulsphere room

Added a window into the shotgun secret

Added a new secret

Reduced Impage

Added sound blocking lines to make the big room less of a pain in the ass



Made Radsuits more obvious

Made hazards more obviously dangerous

Probably borked the texture alignment somewhere

Made a secret less bizarre

Combat/pacing slightly changed

Now with 100% more skeleton!







-removed all custom actors

-removed gold rock textures from most maps

-Added MAP04:Dirtied Dawn. The Suns of Ceti rise, obscured by the haze of the day's dust storms.



Mildly redid the hall.

Changed a texture.

Veeeeery slightly reworked the health bonus room.



Mildly changed the pacing. Again.

Now with 50% less skeleton. Sorry.



No longer sucks. Also reworked because of the absence of melee revenants.


DOWNLOAD (Google Drive)


See also:


As always, feedback is GREATLY APPRECIATED! Please.

Edited by THMG : added screenshots

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Ah! I knew I wasn't the first person to think of the phrase. Trust me though, there's more on the way.

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Cool stuff! Tried it out and it's a pretty nice couple of levels.


+ Sets the scene nicely with its texture choices. Lots of gold and blue that contrasts nicely.

- All three of the secrets seem to be too secret, as they're hidden behind simple textures that aren't differentiated from their surroundings. For the chainsaw, maybe change the middle texture into an inlet set into the rock, perhaps with a subtle light level difference, to make it look different to the trained eye. For the shotgun, I'd actually add a window that looks into the room so that you know the shotgun is there. Layout openness! And it helps to know where secrets are so you can (1) get an idea that they exist, and then (2) search out the way to access them.

- Didn't enjoy the soulsphere room. You don't have a shotgun unless you find the secret, so to punish a pistol-starting player with hitscanners (in a coverless room) and a cheesy printed message for using a switch seems unfair and gimmicky.

- Minor nitpick - the starting teleport pad's glow effect will look better with additive translucency, and probably a slightly higher alpha.

- Was a little short even for a MAP01 I thought, but I could be in the minority here. Though I don't seem to be able to comment on much beyond this. Sorry!



+ I enjoyed the music here.

+ Again, a nice atmosphere. Sector colors are nice and subtle, as are the glow effects on the ceiling and liquids.

+ The layout and openness here is very nice. Good use of space - textures are used nicely too, they don't repeat too much, and you split them up with trim textures effectively.

- You need to more evenly distribute the radsuits. It's currently possible to go through the entire map without finding one because they're stowed so close to the exit.

- The 3 SSGs in one secret is a little weird, especially since there's another secret SSG in the room adjacent.

- I'd strongly recommend making the liquid gold 3D floor in the main room completely opaque. It's a little too translucent to look like a threat. For comparison, you have a small puddle of it in the second room, which looks sufficiently threatening on its own thanks to the fullbright nature of the liquid. However it only does 3% damage per sec, so maybe you should make the damage consistent across every body of liquid gold, for gameplay's sake. (I realise that in reality standing in a heel-deep puddle would hurt less than wading in a huge body of it but shhhhhh)

- I think you might wish to change the goldfalls to fullbright too. You might have to push the falls back 16 units or so inside their alcoves, since you can't make upper and lower textures different brightnesses in UDMF.

- The way to the red key is next to impossible if you have low health, like <30%. I'm required to bunnyhop in the damaging liquid, and then to platform across the barrels to get back. I'd suggest putting some more health down and maybe adding a safe zone at the red key so you're not required to take damage in order to get to it. There's nothing wrong with damaging liquid, but either you need to supply a quantity of radsuits that fits however long the player needs to stay in there (it's really only about 10 seconds total in the case of this map), or make it so traversing it is possible even at low health, if risky.


Here's one more thing you ought to do for courtesy's sake - include the credits in jom5credits.txt for the E3 and E4 textures you're using here. Ensures that the proper people get acknowledged for their work!


And just out of curiosity are you on the JoM Discord at all? I wondered if this was somebody who contributed to JoM5.

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@JimmyThank you for all the feedback... there are radsuits in map02, right next to the spiral staircase. They're pretty poorly marked, though. I should probably make it a room you have to go through to get to the exit that has them. I wasn't part of JoM... I just... sort of nicked the textures because they looked neat. I'll be sure to participate in the next one, though. If you happened to have jom5credits.txt or a link to it, I'd greatly appreciate that.

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Bump for a new release- I sure hope I'm not breaking any rules by doing this

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Demo 3 Released! Will you survive the choking dust of Ceti's dust storms?



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