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Looking for a specific version of Eawpats

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So I recently reinstalled Doom onto my PSP, version 0.05 plus to be exact. Decidedly the best version of the port by far, but the only real flaw that remains is the music. The patch set that it comes with is a horrendously chopped up and corrupted version of Freepats which the original dev didn't bother fixing I assume. The only instrument that played clearly was an acoustic guitar and that was about it. So I dug into the files and replaced the patches with another set that comes with a specific Timidity driver. Sounds eons better, but is about 20mbs uncompressed, and makes the loading times between levels a bit sluggish. I remember ages ago someone here posting a version of Eawpats that was under 5mbs. It was called Minipats and it was pretty much just a compressed version of Eawpats with some of the frills removed. I figured that would be perfect for reducing the load times, but unfortunately, all the links to that patch set are dead. I was wondering if anyone on here had that version or knows where to find it. Just any Timidity patch set under 5 mbs would do, honestly. It would make life a lot easier :V

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3 minutes ago, fraggle said:

I think you mean this post. I sent Chilly Willy an email to ask about it.

Yes! That's the one. Couldn't pull that up for some reason, but that is indeed the patch set I was referring to. I'd be grateful to both of you if that could be fished out. Any patch set that isn't too large and doesn't sound like ass would be nice :P


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