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Help This N00B with Tag 666/Boss Fight


Since I'm making a wad to be workable in less advanced ports, and I want to create a boss battle not involving Keens or Map 7+Arachnotrons, I understand a somewhat simple solution is to reassign the desired boss's death state to that of Keen? Something like that?



Yeah, I have no idea how to do that.



Can you help me or point me to a detailed tutorial on creating/implementing patches, specifically the one in question? 

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Download WhackEd4, create a new DEHACKED patch, go to State table, find the state corresponding to the end of the Cyberdemon's death animation (sprite name CYBR, action BossDeath), change the action to KeenDie, then import the DEHACKED patch into a wad as a lump named "DEHACKED". Then when all Cyberdemons in a map will die, 666 tagged doors will open just like they would if all Keens in a map died.

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Who said anything about cyberdemons? Haha, I appreciate your help. 


30 minutes ago, scifista42 said:

...then import the DEHACKED patch into a wad as a lump named "DEHACKED".

This is what I'm having trouble with. So do I save the patch as a .deh file? And then import into Slade?


EDIT: Never mind. I got it. Many thanks to you.

Edited by HAK3180 : Grew a brain...

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