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Maps by DooMad

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In the vein of my Maps by Author threads, this thread talks about DooMad. On his web site he has listed over 20 maps that him and his team have made. Looking at most of their screenshots I’ll pass on playing through them. I know what I like and I am sticking with it. I do however like the levels that I have listed below.


What are your favorite DooMad levels, ones that you want to play over and over again?


- Rusted Turmoil - My favorite map from the New Doom Community Project 2. I describe this map as a UAC base dropped in the middle of the fiery pit of hell. With its uniformity of texture choices which include browns, dark grays and reds this map is highly hell themed. Though the buildings are rather boxey, with limits on curves, the outdoor environments make up for it by employing various curved surfaces. Difficulty wise this map is tough but it remains never a slaughter map. I like this map because it includes boss encounters with the 2 main bosses from Doom. I like this map the best because of its uniqueness in design, its aesthetic and its flow in progression. One moment you are indoors the next you are outside. Furthermore the author is working on a 6 map deathmatch mapset based upon this maps design. I want the author to build an episode based upon this maps theme. That would be candy for my eyes.


- Sacrilegium Surrexit - Built for HYMN: A Heretic Community Project. This map has some nice style. This includes nicely designed lava areas, castle ramparts that raise when you hit a switch, and pseudo designed trees. This map is not my favorite from HYMN but it stands as one of them. It includes all 3 main bosses from Heretic which is rather nice.

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