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Toxic Complex

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My first map, inspired by No Rest For the Living.

Vanilla. Tested with GZDoom, PrBoom, Chocolate Doom.

It's fairly short, light difficulty(?), let me know what you think.

Edit: v1.1 is up with the fixed textures and berserk secret (which must have been tagged in a previous version). Thanks for the feedback!


LINK: https://www.doomworld.com/idgames/levels/doom2/a-c/complex





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Pretty nice map overall, gameplay is a linear stroll but it was varied and pleasant enough. If you care about that get more careful about the alignments of the textures, for example the four pillars with lights before the exit, use the unpeg on the brown window near the soulsphere. In the revenant room it looks like 2 sectors in the pools have the wrong flat.

And btw your map is too normal to use yakfak's music :P

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This is pretty good!  I like the verticality of certain sections, and the music is a change of pace from the usual Doom fare.  I feel as though the green armour is less prominent and more easily missed entirely than its blue counterpart - I wasn't actually aware there was anything down there except nukage until after I'd played through the level and popped it open in an editor.  I feel also as though sector upon which the berserk pack sits might want to be flagged as a secret?

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Here is a really crappy UV max demo recorded on prboom+ complevel 9, it took me a while to find the secret berserk because I didn't see the switch texture on the side of the platform between the two pits in the rev room at first (my vision is not that great btw) so I figured they were probably inescapable which is why i didn't go down there at first. Then I saw that i only had 14 of 15 items so I went running around looking at things a little more closely and found it :D Also I agree with @TheOrganGrinder about the sector with the berserk being a secret


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For a first map, this is real nice work! Mostly breezy to play through, with the exception of the RL room. The drop into there is not kind at all, especially with the Rev immediately waking up when you open the door, and the narrow confines of the room make it fairly hard to use the rocket launcher effectively without splattering yourself over the walls. As such, I'd probably have switched the placement of the RL with the Super Shotgun, but that's a minor quibble. Definitely interested in seeing more maps from you.

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Unlike the name, this wasn't particularly complex. Really enjoyable to play and didn't feel like a typical Doom map both in terms of music and in design, which was interesting. As NuclearPotato said though the confinement of the Revenant room heavily dissuaded RL use, which was a shame, but a it's hard to pass up a good shotty battle with a skeleton. Thanks for making this.

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