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Any help on fixing this bug in ReMooD?

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Well, before this post was about this not working but now, its about it constantly crashing. Every time I try to put it in fullscreen or try and start a new game, it just crashes. Any help on fixing this game breaking bug?

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First of all, if Split Screen is what you're after, I personally recommend @Edward850's BananaSplit fork of Eternity (https://github.com/Edward850/eternity/tree/BananaSplit). It's not perfect, but if you can get it running, then it's the best Doom Split Screen port thus far. Unfortunately, Doom Legacy remains the only viable Split Screen option for Heretic at this present time.

Why unforunately? No offense to @wesleyjohnson, as much of this isn't his fault, but Doom Legacy isn't that great a port...at all. It's embedded version of mus2mid/mid2mus (forgot which) is buggy and produces incorrect results on certain music files (d_runnin from the older versions of Freedoom is my preferred litmus test for properly working midi support, and Legacy is one of the few ports that run it incorrectly), it has no aspect ratio correction whatsoever, it stretches graphics like the titlepic in a weird manner if you're not running a resolution that isn't either a multiple of 320x200 or a multiple of 1600x1200, it runs slowly on higher resolutions, etc. To make matters worse, Doom Legacy was the port Sonic Robo Blast 2 based its engine on, and since the two codebases diverged the problems have become all the more noticable in SRB2 since many of the few fixes Legacy got weren't ported over...so things like performance issues are all the more noticeable. IMO Legacy should be avoided whenever possible... granted there are moments when using Legacy or its forks is unavoidable, like running the aforementioned SRB2, playing certain custom levels, the aforementioned Heretic Split Screen, and if it somehow is the best option for certain old platforms (apparently Legacy is the only alternative to the official classic Mac OS port? Also, it might be the best option for original PSP dooming?)

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Cosmetic stuff ... Not very good reasons for such a bad opinion.

DoomLegacy only stretches the title pics to fit, not the play screens.

Midi missing one instrument on Windows is due to the bad default midi player instruments shipped with Windows.  Been over that before.  No problems with midi on Linux.

DoomLegacy is being supported on Linux, and some other operating systems.  I am developing on Linux 4.4.38.

DoomLegacy 1.47 is being readied for release, probably in the next month.  Will play Heretic and MBF wads too.


Exactly what OS.

Crashing on Linux could be due to running an old binary with newer incompatible libraries.

Get source and compile it yourself.  Then it will match your libraries.







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