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Nuclear Chunks; A 6 map LR Plutonia WAD (RC1)

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Well, I never did get the inspiration to finish up Map07 so I've decided to polish up before unleashing onto the archives. Here's the first release candidate, please do report any bugs or problems. Hope any new players have fun. :)


On 6/27/2018 at 1:35 AM, Memfis said:

I guess the dreaded 07 slot is too intimidating nowadays?


heh, well I've placed what was completed of Map07 into Map08 and created a simple bookmark style to occupy Map07's slot to show it's the end. Not sure if I'll keep that for the final release yet though.

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3 vids:





...side note, not really playing doom for almost a year means I fuckin' suck now. Not that I was good to begin with, but doing more dumbass things than I used to is frustrating. Not your fault, of course, but anyway...


Good solid stuff, like Speedy Shit. Shame about map 08 being unfinished, that was shaping up to be my favorite one so far! I can certainly understand about lack of motivation though, so thanks for making what you could here.

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