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Lord Serath Darklands

Supergun WAD

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I'm not sure who made this WAD, I've had it for at least four years. This was the first WAD I ever downloaded, the one that actually got me into Doom WADs. Thought I'd share it.


Basically, this makes your guns fire super-fast, hence the name "Supergun". For the shotguns, there's no interruption - the standard shotgun will continue to fire, and will only pump once you release the fire button; the super shotgun won't reload at all.


It also boosts your health to somewhere in the range of 10,000, and gives you infinite ammo.


Obviously, this is an overpowered mod, somewhere in the realm of Russian Overkill, but much simpler in execution. Play it with a slaughter map, or just go full power-fantasy in a normal-difficulty map-set.


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