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[WIP] UAC Explorer - A server browser for Doom 3

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UAC Explorer: A server browser for Doom 3




This server browser will get servers in real time from Doom 3 master servers, and will able to handle auto-downloads (if the server provides better, but if not it will try to download from some custom FTP urls with .pk4s whenever it's possible).




  • OS: Windows Vista or higher
  • Game: Doom 3 (steam or non-steam, it will work with both)


Requeriments for auto-download and for a better experience :


  • A valid CDKEY for Doom 3 (Doom 3 gives you information from checksums and download data only if you pass the auth from master servers, so this is why you need to provide the software a valid CDKEY for automatic download)


The CDKey part is not necessary but is recommended.


The idea is to make more easy to join into a Doom 3 server and more friendly. (Ex: Doomseeker for zandronum, but of course this software would not be that sophisticated yet.)


Download (v0.1.5): http://www.moddb.com/games/doom-iii/downloads/uac-explorer


License: Open Source (that means that when the program it's ready I will upload all to Github)

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This sort of makes me curious as to how active D3 multiplayer actually is. I've been under the impression it's more or less dead - but then, I only played it once back in 2007 or some shit. :P


Anyway, nice seeing a server browser for D3 as well.

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Update: I will add a Host Manager to the server browser so people can host easily a Dedicated server.

Update 2: Version 0.1.5 released

host manager.png

Edited by Doommarine_maxi

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