Freedoom app released on google play store



I've recently released a bundle of Freedoom and an open source port of GZDoom for android on the play store here. I was wondering: 

A. Is ok for me to keep it there?

B. Can I keep using the freedoom name for the app or should I try and change it to something else?

C. Is anyone interested in this kind of thing, possible other bundles with community wads, or helping out with improvement?


Github link:

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Nicely done! It's totally ok to do all of the above; freedoom is BSD licensed and can be used however you like, as long as you comply with the license. We have no objections to using the freedoom name as long as you're not using it to advertise something completely different from freedoom.

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Hey t3l3tubie I have a super special request!

I recently got a bluetooth keyboard and mouse - and would love to be able to play your port of Freedoom using mouselook. Any chances you can get this to work?

I swear - if you can get this and brutal doom working on an Android S5 - that's me done. I'll literally be carrying a bluetooth mouse and keyboard everywhere and anywhere I take my smart phone. Doom4lyfe y0!!!

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