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Rise of the Wool Ball translated! Now in Portuguese too

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The follow up to my previous translation...

One of the best TC ever, snubbed in the latest Cacoawards, is now available in Portuguese!

The amazing "Rise of the Wool Ball" by MSPaintR0cks / WatchDaToast, sequel of "Shadow of the Wool Ball"



This sequel is an amazing improvement comparing with it's predecessor and since most of it's assets regarding text, strings and enemy sound cues are almost the same... Might as well translate everything! (With the "ok" of the author, of course...) And for some reason you want to translate to your own language you already got something to work with.


Download it here! (v1.3112)

Download it here! (v1.311)

Download it here! (v1.310)


Just unpack it into an empty directory, open "Rise Of The Wool Ball.bat" and you're good to go! It will set it up nicely without any kind of hassle.

Feel free to share it!


The most important files here are:


- ROTWB_b.wad - From a user prespective this is the exactly same v1.3 wad file that MSPaintR0cks created and distributed in english but under the hood it was adapted to make my work on the translation more easy and confortable. (I also fixed one or two minor bugs in E3M6, so minor that you probabbly didn't noticed in the first place...)


- rotwb-ptg.wad - This is where it is my real work... It includes new text, new characters for the font used by the game, new voices and new graphics totally in Portuguese!


If you want to play these files separately, mind the load order and make sure you set zdoom's language to "ptg"!

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