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i can't play my maps correctly anymore, screen goes crazy!

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earlier, i always mapped and played all my maps correctly with gzdoom, no matter which version i had, it worked. no matter, if i had started the map from doom builder or from the file directly, i never had a problem. now, in the last few months, i didn't play and build my maps anymore further because i made a long break from doom. now after some months, i wanted to start to play my maps again but when i try, i come into the map first but then the whole screen is displaced brutally, for whatever reason and i can't change it and it happens to all my maps. and then i tried it also with zdoom and there it works funnily enough but i don't want to change to that port, because i like gzdoom so much more. in this big play break, i didn't change anything at all. i still have the same monitor with the same settings, the same screen settings in the game, the same videocard and so on. and when i go in the game to the display and video mode settings to change different things, the displacement is still the same and i can't see shit because the screen is so terribly displaced to the right i think. what can it be? what should i do? it must have to do with gzdoom, i guess. i tried two different versions, with on i have this problem and the other doesn't work at all. i tried to make a screenshot in gzdoom to show you but the screenshot looks right. i try it with version 1.7 and then this weird screen bug appears. with version 2.3.9 it doesn't work at all. that shit makes me crazy. if anyone can help me, please do so. thanks!



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