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What is your setup when creating multilevel wads?


Just as a general question: What is your setup when creating WADs with more than one level? Do you keep them in separate files until you are finished or do you work on a single large file? Furthermore, if these WADs have some texture replacements, do you have a separate WAD for these as well?

As for now I keep everything in separate files. I include my texture WAD as an additional resource to the Doom IWAD when creating a new level. In the end I wrap the whole thing up in one large file.

I was just wondering how you handle this. 


Small side-question: Anyone here using versioning for his work? (Git, SVN, etc.)

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I always keep my levels in their own single WADs so that the only thing in them is the map lumps. Then when I'm ready to compile a build, just copy and paste all the map lump data from the single WADs into the main WAD and save it as a new WAD.


The only versioning I use is in my head.

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To begin with, each level in a separate WAD and separate WADs for textures and music where applicable.  Sometimes I will combine several levels into one WAD while still working on them if they're intended to work together, like a Hexen hub, since that cuts down on the commandline needed to test them as a unit.


The closest thing I do to "versioning" is to periodically pack the stuff up in a dated .ZIP to put on my backup drives.

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Thanks for the info. In other words: my setup isn't too uncommon. ;-)


As for versioning: I just have a private Git repo at hand.  I probably also wouldn't use it otherwise, since WADs aren't mergeable and you can't see changes on them as easy as with standard sourcecode. But since the repository is there ... why not?

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