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Memorable Mapnames

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"Natas Ot Etubirt", from Requiem.  For ages I used to wonder what language that was, until I realized what the gimmick of the name was.

"One Flew Over The Caco's Nest", from Alien Vendetta.  Clever pun.

"Wired Hive", from Rebirth.  Nicely captured the funky theme of the level.


As for Heretic and Hexen, they taught me a lot of esoteric and obscure terms, a lot of cool ones but also some which are kind of funny if you put them in layman's terms (like "Effluvium" = "Stink" or "Vivarium" = "Zoo").  "Bright Crucible" and "Dark Crucible" are probably the ones that stick with me the most as cool titles though.

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MAP19: Everything Dies (Hell Revealed)

MAP31: I Dunno Torn (Scythe)

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Hm, for me, I found the following names to be memorable, however, in some cases not the maps themselves, for better or for worse, so my list is not composed of maps I necessarily love or even remember very well.




- Phobos Anomaly.

- Mount Pain (because it's by far the most frustrating map of all, especially the outdoor area).

- Redemption.

- Odyssey of Noises.

- Halls of the Damned.

- Unruly Evil.

- Against Thee Wickedly.

- Human BBQ.

- Barrels 'o Fun (because it's the shittiest of all, something that makes it memorable, unsurprisingly).

- Dead Simple.

- The Inmost Dens.

- Gotcha.

- The Chasm.

- Neurosphere.

- The Final Frontier.

- The Temple of Darkness.

- Stronghold (now this map is nuts, the reason why I love it).

- Dead Zone.

- Nukage Processing.

- Deepest Reaches.




- Hectic.

- Final Outpost.

- Even Simpler.

- Terror Core.

- Altair of Pain.

- Dark Citadel.

- Blood Keep.

- Unholy Temple.

- Dark Entries.

- Spawned Fear.

- In the Void.

- Burnt Offerings.

- The Absolution.


Memento Mori:


- Hell's Kitchen.

- High Tech Grave.

- House of Thorn.

- Twilight Lab.

- Diehard.

- A Dead Man's Town.

- City of the Unavenged (also my favorite map from the wad).




- Sacrificium.

- Deep Down Below.

- The Black Gate.

- Town of the Dead.

- Last Resort.

- Rats in the Walls.

- Dens of Iniquity.

- Excoriation.

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5 hours ago, rehelekretep said:

m29 of Sunlust comes immediately to mind:


Go Fuck Yourself

I came here to say exactly this, but I was beaten. :D

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The Ultimate Doom:

E1M1: Hangar (so simple, yet memorable - also, how could I not remember even by accident this map)

E3M2: Slough of Despair (once I saw it was a hand in the map, I can't forget it)

E3M5: Unholy Cathedral (how I hate this map!!!)

E3M6: Mt Erebus (Its name comes from a god of darkness in ancient mythology!!! And LOOK how huge and open it is!!!)

E4M2: Perfect Hatred (the second obstacle I encountered in E4, so it stays on my mind)

E4M6: Against Thee Wickedly (the most torture I got in a IWAD, but I love it)


See a pattern here? I guess I remember more easily the later levels in the game. Also, for me, enjoying or hating a map plays a huge role in remembering it and its name.


Doom 2:

MAP03: The Gauntlet

MAP14: The Inmost Dens

MAP15: Industrial Zone

The whole set of MAPS from 21 to 32 is pretty memorable.


Special mention:


MAP23: Barrels O' Fun (SEND IT TO HELL FOR THE ETERNAL DAMNATION THAT IT DESERVES!!! - after thinking about that for a bit, I don't really know if the map will be tortured or the actual demons in Hell)



MAP04: Wormhole (I have praised it a lot in past threads, so nuff said...)

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Chillax 38 "mutilator"
Dimensions 01 "Burning Legion"
Dimensions 03 "Omega minor"
SoD 29 "Ruins of the Kalnik"
Sunder 11 (I think it was) "The zealous machine"
Experiencing Nirvana 12 "The meat locker"
Experiencing Nirvana (Don't remember the slot, sorry) "The legend of Zzulda"

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I swear this topic comes up every few years...

My favorite map names? Ahaha. Ahahahahahaha. Hope you like long lists...


A Jagged Stroll (Congestion 1024)
Acerola-Orion (Ancient Aliens)
Alien Resurrection (Alien Vendetta)
Another Dead Hero (Community Chest)
Another Fine Mess (Icarus)
Apparently the Apocalypse (Echelon)
Autumn in Hell (Congestion 1024)
Bad Reception (Valiant + Going Down)
Basement Jazz (Whispers of Satan)
Beginner's End (Eternal Doom)
Beyond The Sea (Hell Revealed II)
Big Time (Serenity)
Bite (BTSX E2)
Bitter Harvest (NDCP)
Black Rabbit (Sunlust)
Bushwhacked (Valiant)
Candlecove (Valiant)
Cave Culture (Sunlust)
Chasing Suns (Sunlust)
City Heat (Community Chest 2)
Clear & Unpleasant Danger (Eternity)
Corporate Hell (Memento Mori II)
Crimson Tide (Alien Vendetta)
Cyberbullying: Beyond Earth (Ancient Aliens)
Demonic Hordes (Alien Vendetta)
Dig (UAC Ultra)
Electric Wizard (Slaughterfest 2012)
Escape from Ghost Town (Plutonia Revisited)
Everything Dies (Hell Revealed)
Feeding Frenzy (Icarus)
Flutter (Crumpets)
For We Are Many (Community Chest 3)
Gear Up (Sunlust)
Geist Halls (Community Chest 2)
Gift of Denial (Ancient Aliens)
Graverobbers (Scythe 2)
Hangman's Paradise (Vanguard)
Hard Attack (Hell Revealed)
Harmany (Plutonia 2)
Hone Gumi (Combat Shock 2)
Imptech Rampage (1 Monster)
In Defence of Demonsex (Mock II)
In Flight (Sunlust)
Last Look at Eden (Hell Revealed)
Magenta Heat (Ancient Aliens)
Midnight Tek Frenzy (Community Chest 4)
Mineopoly (Community Chest 3)
Mostly Harmful (Hell Revealed)
Mr. X (Scythe)
Neo Gerouru (Sunlust)
Neurosphere (Plutonia)
No Brakes (NDCP)
On the Origin of Spacies (Ancient Aliens)
Overslept (Echelon)
Postal Blowfish (BTSX E1)
Reaper's Digest (Community Chest 4)
Redemption Denied (PSX Doom)
Rope or Bullet (Combat Shock 2)
Ruby Abyss (Community Chest 3)
Rusty Rage (Alien Vendetta)
Serenity Forever (Eternity)
Shipping/Respawning (Evilution)
Shocker in Gloomtown (BTSX E2)
Spook House (1 Monster)
Stein und Stahl (Congestion 1024)
Storm Approach - Dark City (10 Sectors)
Summercore (10 Sectors)
Sunset (Alien Vendetta)
The Colossus Crawls West (BTSX E1)
The Mucus Flow (Community Chest 2)
The Ones Behind It All (Ancient Aliens)
The Room Taking Shape (BTSX E1)
The Seeker (Eternal Doom)
The Unsinkable Fats Domino (BTSX E1)
Through the Black (Community Chest 2)
Total Exposure (BTSX E1)
Trapped on Titan (Master Levels)
Troglobite (Sunlust)
Twilight Descends (PSX Doom)
UAC in Exile (UAC Ultra)
Undead Nation (Community Chest 2)
Vehelits (Stardate 20X6)
Worst Case Scenario (UAC Ultra)


But Wait There's More!

PWAD titles!


Eternal Doom
Suspended in Dusk
Swim With The Whales
Tech Gone Bad
Troopers' Playground
Twice Risen

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I have always wanted to know what Sperziebonen Met Slagroom (Crucified Dreams MAP12) meant.


Other ones from the same wad are Verdigris in Limbo, Chimerical Bombination, and Massive Bereavement.

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Dis was the very first one to come to mind for some reason. Tricks and Traps is the other that I will always know (and hate on a little)

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No Guts No Glory (Alien Vendetta, first time I came out of the start room I immediately retreated like a chicken)

Mount Pain (duh, because duh)

Post Mortem (Hell Revealed, my favorite map and the only one I liked entirely)

Fear (Scythe, first custom map I saw in a video many years ago)

AVC Zone (Urania, which means "archvile crushers Zone", somehow I can't forget the title)

Nostrodomo (Eviltech, probably my favourite map of the set)

Viper (Memento Mori, for a while I kept thinking why my rockets kept coming back, plus I searched the map in google so many times to remember it)


Also I cannot forget a map called Zambies and I haven't even played that wad. 

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Since I like Hexen, I'll put the name of the main map of the 3rd hub. Heresiarch's Seminary.

Nice taunt from Korax, tricky entrance, good ambience by entering the place, lots of puzzle and action and......of course, the Heresiarch himself coupled with one of the tracks that I like the most in the game. This map is memorable to me...

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From the main games my most memorable mapnames were 'House of Pain' and 'Mt. Erebus' from Doom (they sound ominous), 'The Spirit World' and 'The Living End' from Doom II (they sound bizarre).


Speaking of unusual titles, I remember I once stumbled upon a map in one of the wads, titled 'Crucified Factory'; not joking.

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'Invasion of the Implings', 'Straight Outta COMPTALL', and 'Rated B for Brown' from Confinement stuck out for me.

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Gonna go into overly-analytical mode for this one:


From the iwads, Doom2 easily contains some of my favorite map names. The names themselves felt a lot more "arcadey" and somewhat less serious than the Doom1 map names - gone are the Biblical/Satanic names, instead we get super apt, super cute names like 'Dead Simple', 'Tricks and Traps' and 'Barrels O' Fun'. I like it when a map's name is short and catchy like that, never been a fan of the 8-words-long type map names like 'One Time Doomguy Got Jiggy With a Double Barreled Shotgun' or generic 90's Satanic names like 'Sever the Wicked' or whatever. I like map names that are cute and quick that roll right off the tongue in 3 words or less while somehow managing to accurately describe the whole darn map. I'm a sucker for such map titles because they're truly clever! Human BBQ and Go 2 It both deserve mention here as well.


In terms of pwads, here are some that stuck with me:


Sewers Smell Bad (zdctf map15)

On the Bowl (zdctf map20)

Flying Buttresses (udm3 map02)

Fetus Gumbo (udm3 map07)

Fat Smile Sanctuary (dbab map15)

CAGED (exec map04)

Dwangus Maximus (mianodm map08)


Usually though, wad names are much easier to remember for me than individual map names. Some that instantly came to mind:


Don't Be a Bitch

All Hell is Breaking Loose!

Doomguy Gets a Puppy

The Golden Souls

Hoover Dam



DWANGO Unchained

Drown in Blood

Execution (Still unsurpassed as the best name for a DM wad, in my opinion)


Good thread!


Edited by Doomkid

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In general, I also prefer when a map name reflects the theme of the level. Valiant has some great map titles:


MAP13: The Netweaver

MAP20: Swept into Immolation

MAP21: Skindustrial Zone

MAP22: Spiraling Into Nether

MAP23: Genocide Motor

MAP24: None More Merciless

MAP30: Electric Nightmare


...and my favourite MAP31: Cyberwar 7734.


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Guest Unregistered account
On 16/01/2018 at 1:37 AM, leodoom85 said:

Since I like Hexen, I'll put the name of the main map of the 3rd hub. Heresiarch's Seminary.

Nice taunt from Korax, tricky entrance, good ambience by entering the place, lots of puzzle and action and......of course, the Heresiarch himself coupled with one of the tracks that I like the most in the game. This map is memorable to me...

I'd have to say Shadow Wood. The hub itself is kinda disappointing compared to how awesome the name and the music track are.

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1 hour ago, Kapanyo said:

I'd have to say Shadow Wood. The hub itself is kinda disappointing compared to how awesome the name and the music track are.

I'm agree with you. I was about to put Shadow Wood too but I inclined to that map

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Idk if Spicy Evil Spaghetti has been mentioned, but that'd be on my list somewhere. 

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