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How do you create teleporter ambushes?


I've been working on a megaWAD for a while, but I'm still trying to figure out how to teleport a demon into an area on cue. I've figured out player teleporters, but I still want to find out how to spawn demons in.

I'm using SLADE 3 as an editor, if you're wondering.

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you can use scripts and spawn them in specified mapspots :


Example :


#include "zcommon.acs"


script 1 (void)


SpawnSpot ("DoomImp", 64, 0, 0); //Spawn Imp at MapSpots tagged 64

SpawnSpot ("TeleportFog", 64); //Spawn Teleport effect at MapSpots tagged 64



Execute the script with linedef action 80 when player walks over the linedef.

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The easiest would be a walk-over linedef which is directly set to teleport monsters in,

or to trigger a script which does that.


Some mappers prefer to open a monster closet instead of teleporting.

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You can still do this via isolated rooms serving as the "monster closet" and using the same same sector reference as the ambush room (so they can hear you when you make noise in the ambush room) and using teleporter lines in vanilla/Boom/Hexen format without the need for scripting. I do this all the time in my maps, a famous example of mine would be the map Edgy. Open it up in your editor to see how it works.

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