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Hell to Pay demos [-complevel 2]

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DSDA Page link

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Hell to Pay MAP01 UV-Speed in 0:18.40 hp01-018.zip


This demo (along with any future ones I record) plays back with htp-raw.wad. 

Edited by paymentplan : Thanks dew!

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I have been thinking about playing Hell to Pay and doing demos for it, so why not. :)


MAP01 Nightmare (Speed) in 0:45: hp01n045.zip

MAP01 Nightmare (100% Secrets) in 0:55: hp01s055.zip


The WADs playback with the full version of hell2pay.wad (otherwise known as HTP-RAW.WAD), I should note along with any future recordings I plan on.

Edited by GuyNamedErick : Clarify use of full version of the WAD

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Just the second map in and already it is much more difficult than the first map on Nightmare. It was more of a test of luck than anything, can't imagine some of the other maps in this PWAD.


MAP02 Nightmare (100% Secrets) in 5:05 - hp02s505.zip

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Third map done on Nightmare, not picking up the Chaingun and medkit in that one room saved a lot of trouble.


MAP03 Nightmare (100% Secrets) in 5:40 - hp03s540.zip

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MAP30 of Hell to Pay on Nightmare. The audio from the boss was something, also some dancing at the end I guess.


MAP30 Nightmare (100% Secrets) in 1:21 - hp30s121.zip

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MAP14 of Hell to Pay on Nightmare, one of the two maps to have ghost monsters in the WAD. The map's two secrets are unreachable without cheating, so it's just a normal Nightmare run here.


MAP14 Nightmare-Speed in 0:51 - hp14n051.zip

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1 hour ago, dew said:

and the additional info helps Andy O. categorize on DSDA

i didn't realize these demos were supposed to be for real, sorry. i'll take down the demo, i dont wanna spam up the dsda and whatnot


Edited by bonnie : i was a fool

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@bonnie, please add a textfile with basic information next time. You could just copy and adjust the one from Erick's demos, for example. It's much more viewer friendly than adding your nick to the filename, and the additional info helps Andy O. categorize on DSDA. Thanks!


edit: ...sigh

Edited by dew

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