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Hell to Pay demos [-complevel 2]

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DSDA Page link

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Hell to Pay MAP01 UV-Speed in 0:18.40 hp01-018.zip


This demo (along with any future ones I record) plays back with htp-raw.wad. 

Edited by paymentplan : Thanks dew!

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If there's no hell2pay thread there will be





hell to pay.

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I have been thinking about playing Hell to Pay and doing demos for it, so why not. :)


MAP01 Nightmare (Speed) in 0:45: hp01n045.zip

MAP01 Nightmare (100% Secrets) in 0:55: hp01s055.zip


The WADs playback with hell2pay.wad (the name I used for Hell to Pay's WAD file) I should note along with any future recordings I plan on.

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Just the second map in and already it is much more difficult than the first map on Nightmare. It was more of a test of luck than anything, can't imagine some of the other maps in this PWAD.


MAP02 Nightmare (100% Secrets) in 5:05 - hp02s505.zip

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