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Anyone familiar with making airboat model?

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I have this project doing for Physics and I was hoping for some help around here since I am not really familiar with this technical stuff. I need to make an airboat model (NOT A REAL AIRBOAT =p) with materials that I have no idea where I can buy from.

The airboat is overall no longer than 70.0 cm. According to information given, electric motor, propellar, boat body, a 9V battery, a motor mount, stabilizers, some type of switches, glue, tape, and paint are required in this project. Is there by any chance anybody knows which is the fastest electric motor for racing on water surface? What materials and how do I create a boat body? What kind of stabilizers exactly are they? How would I attach the switches to the proper places in use? By the way, please try to recommend them as cheap as possible, and where exactly shall I buy all these stuff in States?

Any help would be soooooooooooooo appreicated!

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