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One Minute in and the Map Ends?

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I am currently playing Hellfire Dreams with the The Adventures of Super Chicken mod and with the Ketchup Gore Mod bolted on because why the hell not. I am currently running it with ZDoom v2.8.1 at the moment but I am having issues in map 4. What happens is the map loads and runs just fine but after a minute of gameplay the map ends and it goes on and loads map 5 instead. I think this is strange because this has only happened to me only on 1 other map. That map is Claustrophobia 1024 2 MAP 34 "Abstraction". I don't expect Map 34 to play all the way through because it is more of a placeholder for other ports not to crash when loading map 33 but I really want to play map 4 in Hellfire Dreams, with the mod because it is one of my favorite maps in the project.


Additionally in Morgor's Winter on Map07 it instantly kills the player because of the powers of voodoo. This is a shame because I want to play this map also with the mod. Can someone test this out and see why this happens. That would be awesome thanks.

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Probably caused by the player's heavily reduce height causing some voodoo dolls to go under some barriers they shouldn't, triggering a script end.


Also, that's not the latest version of Super Chicken, and Ketchup causes unintended issues with zombies dropping actual weapons instead of fake ones. If you want to use a blood mod with Super Chicken, I'd advise using a lite one that only affects the blood actor - I think Ketchup might have a version for just that purpose, in fact.

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@Arctangent The link that you gave me, there is nothing there. I have been using the full Ketchup file with the gibs. I might try the blood only one instead when running Morgor's Winter. I haven't officially started that one yet.


After finishing his best maps with the chicken mod I am going to play them with Heretic's weapons sometime in the future. I hope that would be fun.

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