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What's the Doom do you like more?, and what's the one you dislike most?

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Personally I like more both Doom 1 (First three episodes) and Doom 3 Resurrection of evil. 
And I don't like Doom 2 (yep, The gameplay is amazing, but map design is just non-sense)

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9 minutes ago, dmg_64 said:

I don't dislike any Doom game.

Same. Only ok-ish games like Doom 3 and those that I haven't played like the recent Doom and Doom RPG

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Well, I like classic doom collection, but I don't have strong opinions about Doom 3 or Doom 2016, because I've never played them. Some kind of reveal, I guess. 

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super like: plutonia, no rest for the living, ultimate doom

like: resurrection of evil

dislike: doom 2, doom 3

super dislike: tnt

garbage: doom 64, doom 4

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Best: Doom 1, Doom 64, No Rest For The Living

Good: Doom 3 (both), Final Doom

Meh: Doom 2, Master Levels

...: Doom '16


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I love all Doom games.


Doom 1 (+Ultimate) = Great

Doom 2 = Great

Doom 3 = Great

Doom (2016) = Great

Doom 64 = Great


No Rest For The Living = great

Master's levels = well not so much

Resurrection of Evil = Great

Plutonia+TNT = Great, even tho some maps have horrible design


I also like PSX version of Doom


Tell me if I forget something


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OG Doom is the worst, imo: Too limited bestiary, no SSG, relatively stingy with rockets, shotgunning Barons in medium sized rooms is boring period, anticlimactic Boss (SMM)...

Doom II does many things right and is my favourite because: SSG, much better bestiary, cool concepts (the chasm, barrels o' fun, traps and tricks, IOS... You gotta think id was onto something when they realized that monsters with less HP, but otherwise decent/good threat level, make for more interesting gameplay by virtue of adding variety...


Doom 3 does not compare to classic doom in any way shape or form. It is competent at what it does, namely conveying atmosphere, but the gameplay side of it is limping behind. The stamina bar, even if "reasonably well explained" by way of "PDAs" is one full blown heck of a pacekiller if there ever was one... Oh, and FUCK THOSE PDAs, thank you!


Doom 4 does not compare to any of the other games either, for that matter. We don't need to discuss how awesome it looks, because it looks great, and id managed to get good mileage out of relatively few enemies by way of "AI". Drawbacks for me include the lack of the satisfactory aspect that is blasting lots of fodder with the BFG somewhat regularly, and I have never been a fan of getting ammo from monsters which clearly don't use weapons... Same thing for glory kills, I find them a waste of time, and I don't appreciate loosing control over my FOV, regardless of duration. Despite all this, I like it, but it's not what the game I had hoped it would be.


Doom II, ladies and gentlemen... It's pretty good.

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Heretic>TNT~NRftL>Plu>D2>D1>UD (ep 4)


Doom 3 was better when the flashlight didn't work with guns, and I haven't even cared enough to watch a playthrough of D4 yet.

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Absolute Best Evah: Doom 1

Pretty much everything about this game is great and well executed. Especially for it's time. Setting, progress, atmosphere, monsters (although Doom 2 makes a few good monster additions), items and gameplay. Even the graphics, as far as they could go in 1993.


Second Best: Doom 2

Everything that Doom 1 has plus some good monster additions. I like the double barrel shotgun too, although it is a bit overpowered. Why 2nd place then? The level design and setting does less for me. The whole Doom 1-going-to-mars-then-going-to-hell setting was much more interesting to me than the Doom 2-monsters-have-invaded-earth setting.


Third place: TNT, Evilution, other megawads

Some mods are just a good bit of fun.


OK-ish: Doom '16

It's not really what Doom 1 was, but I think it's not a bad attempt at a remake. Just too few monsters at the same time and increasing the difficulty just makes the monsters do more damage. That was a major disappointment.


Absolute crap: Doom 3, Doom 64, freedoom

These are just not Doom in my opinion. They don't look the same, don't feel the same or have completely different gameplay.


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ranked in a rough order of how much fun I had from them:



Doom 2

Doom 4

Doom 64

Doom 1

Doom 3



I don't think TNT (or Doom 3 for that matter honestly) is garbage but it definitely was the least fun Doom experience for me. eh.

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Doom 1 / The Ultimate Doom - It's great! The level design is pretty good, monster variety and use are consistently decent, and it has my favorite soundtrack of the series. Although there are some design hitches, it still holds up as an excellent first foray into classic FPS.


Doom 2 - It's kind of mediocre, in all honesty. While I appreciate the expanded bestiary and the Super Shotgun, the game makes little to no effort towards competent usage. The level design is unique and gimmicky, but they seem more like attempts to make up for lost time. I'm glad id supported modding so these ideas could be developed better...


Doom 3 / Resurrection of Evil / BFG Edition - I find this game to be more inspired by titles like Doom 64 and PSX Doom as it tries to focus on atmosphere instead. It's good at what it sets out to do and is rather memorable because of that aspect.


Doom 2016 - A fun homage to classic FPS in general. It takes the most visceral (albeit superficial) aspects of Classic Doom and injects the flavor of other titles such as Quake, Serious Sam, and Painkiller. Lots and lots of Painkiller. Although I've noticed that Doom 2016 does Painkiller better than Painkiller (the same way Doom slaughtermaps do Serious Sam better than Serious Sam; funny how that works). 


Regarding other titles I've played...


The Plutonia Experiment - GOAT Official Doom release. It takes the best aspects of Doom 2 and presents them better than it could. An excellent starting point for the wealth of challenging maps on offer these days.


TNT: Evilution - This one tries to be actively terrible sometimes. With some awkward design decisions, the challenge of this release is to find the quality maps. The best maps are truly excellent, but they are subdued by the onslaught of mediocre and bad maps. Good music and decent presentation somewhat save this half of Final Doom though.


Doom 64 - An interesting atmospheric approach to Doom that is somewhat effective. The models are hilarious though but they work well in the environments. A somewhat decent experience overall, albeit forgettable.


Final Doom PS1 - Horror in Doom at its finest. With a slew of design choices that converted Doom gameplay into a nightmare (the good kind), playing this on a PlayStation Emulator was refreshing and quite challenging. It's up there with my favorite Doom releases...

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Ultimate Doom > Doom 64 > Doom 2 > Doom 3 > Doom 2016 > Final Doom


But they're all wonderful and I don't dislike any of them.

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From best to worst of the ones I've played:


UDoom E4

Doom 64

Doom 2

Doom 1 E1-E3

Doom 3

Doom 4


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Top to Bottom:


* Doom II

* Final Doom: Plutonia

* The Ultimate Doom 

* Heretic: Shadow of the Serpent Riders

* Hexen: Deathkings of the Dark Citadel

* Hexen

* Final Doom: TNT Evilution

* Master Levels

* Doom I

* No Rest for the Living


It's almost a tie between Doom II and Plutonia. Plutonia has the best sky texture of all IWADs though(episode 2 sky).

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Doom - 7/10.  Can't go wrong with the classic.  Lack of monster variety compared to later installments.

Doom II - 8/10.  Greater monster variety, SSG for the win.  Odd level design choices in late game.

Ultimate Doom - 8/10.  Thy Flesh Consumed.  Enough said.

Master Levels - 4/10.  Meh.  Real mixed bag.

TNT - 6/10.  Controversy aside, an otherwise decent game with awesome music, held back by questionable level design.

The Plutonia Experiment - 8/10.  Yes, I'm a masochist.  Would have scored higher if it had its own music out of the box.

Doom: Custom Playstation Edition - 7/10.  See ratings for Doom & Doom II, only with ambient lighting and an awesome new soundtrack.  Blue range is way too dark, though.

Final Doom (PSX) - 6/10.  I guess you could call this Final Doom: The Abridged Series (feat. Master Levels).

Doom 64 - 8/10.  Real hidden gem.  Much more challenging than the classic PC games, and the only Doom game I never could beat legitimately.

Doom 3 - 6/10.  It was okay.  That's about it.  Not a lot of good mods for it.

Resurrection of Evil - 9/10.  Somehow, RoE feels more alive.

Doom 3 BFG Edition - 5/10.  Held back by lack of mod support.  Didn't notice much of a difference graphically.

Lost Mission - 6/10.  It wasn't awful, just bland.  Felt more like beta maps.  Props for casting Paul Eiding as Richard Meyers, though.

No Rest for the Living - 4/10.  Bland 'n boring.  Pass.

DOOM (2016) - 5/10.  Good campaign, held back by multiplayer, Snapmap (which I jokingly refer to as Super Doom Maker in casual convo), a lack of true mod support, multiplayer-only DLC, and a lack of single player expansion content.  Play for single player, give the rest a skip.

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Ultimate Doom, Doom 64, and Doom 3 are my absolute favorites.


Doom 2 is pretty not bad.


Final Doom is pretty meh to me. I like TNT slightly more, though.


Doom 2016 is garbage, and I wish I never played it.

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Plutonia > Doom 2 > TNT > Ultimate Doom


Doom 3 and Doom (2016) don't really fit in the same category to me, so I don't want to put in there...

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1) The Ultimate Doom is my absolute favourite. Atmosphere is always there, the OST is perfect and gameplay-wise, it is awesome. About the less monsters and lack of SSG, there is a certain charm there for me. Like, the game feels completely different in some points, compared to other Doom games and its gameplay strikes the perfect balance. Honestly, Doom 1 never needed anything more. It was already complete and I wish I would see more megawads for it.

(I should definitely try making a level for it, once I finish my other stuff)


It is the game that I may grab at a random time in the day and finish one episode of it, because I wanted to do so.

I must have finished it 2 or 3 times already, not counting separate episode playing and more are going to follow.

Doom 2 I only played once and I felt like I was done.


2) Doom 2

id never stopped, when they made Doom 1 a success. They dumped the "if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it" mentality and went full on with changes.

All of those things added are great. The SSG is a cool weapon and my 2 most favourite enemies, the Hell Knight and the Archvile are there.

Doom 2 for me, did a swap.

It put most of its atmosphere away and gained it back, in an equal amount of fast gameplay.


But the thing is, that I liked more the balance of the first game between the two. I am a bit disappointed with the levels in Doom 2 and the music wasn't as good as in the first game, yet the gameplay is solid.

So, if I would give them grades, Doom 1 would be 10/10, while Doom 2 would be 7/10 or 8/10 (in a rating scale of Doom games - compared to non Doom games, both Doom 1 and 2 would be 10/10 for me).


3) TNT or Doom 3

Haven't played those fully, so I rank them as equals here. TNT is amazing, in a way no other Doom is, but it has its fair share of problems.

Doom 3 deserves some more love imo. It is not that fast paced, but I like it regardless and since I get scared pretty easily, its jumpscares are effective.


4) Plutonia, Doom 64, PSX Doom, Doom 2016

Haven't played those yet...


P.S.: I think I am going to keep this post in a txt, since I may need it in the future for similar topics.

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The original DOOM is quite a classic, though it lacks a few things DOOM II defines.

DOOM II is where the classic just got better and more well-known.

The Ultimate DOOM (Thy Flesh Consumed) is pretty frustrating. Almost as unforgiving as Plutonia.

PSX DOOM is same game, but made even creepier, making it feel like a different game.

Final DOOM, particularly Plutonia, is frustrating to me (TNT is slightly more forgiving to me, but that's not saying much).

Master Levels, haven't played them much. Only a few PSX maps from the port of Final DOOM.

DOOM 64 is a decent continuation of the DOOM lore, with a PSX-esque approach and some original stuff.

DOOM 3 and DOOM 2016, I haven't played them both, but the former doesn't look and feel appealing, while the later still seems amazing to me.

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DOOM (1993)

Even with the limited enemy variety when compared with DOOM II, I still find the 1993 release much more enjoyable to play through. The level design is for the most part absolutely superb. Many of my favourite midis are also from this one, tracks like "Suspense", "Sign of Evil", "Sinister" and "Into the Code". And of course "At Doom's Gate". I feel people tend to forget DOOM wasn't even originally all heavy metal, and there is actually quite a lot of atmosphere in the original DOOM.


The Ultimate DOOM/Thy Flesh Consumed

A great addition to the first game, in my opinion. The difficulty is kinda all over the place, but the level creativity on display in these levels is very high, and there's a lot more verticality as well compared to the original three episodes.


DOOM II: Hell on Earth

DOOM II added a whole bunch of new monsters, all of which have genius designs, both visually and gameplay-wise, and a new weapon the SSG. All of these additions are great, the new monsters add a whole lot of depth to the combat, and the SSG matches perfectly into this, however, I feel like the level design isn't as consistently great as it was in DOOM. There's a lot more verticality, but somehow the levels still feel bland, at least for me. DOOM II also lost the great atmosphere of the first game. I feel like, while id Software tried to immerse players into the world of DOOM in 1993, DOOM II is just a video game, with crazy levels and silly ideas. DOOM II just doesn't have the same charm as the first game.


Master Levels for DOOM II

Why does this exist? Most of the levels are extremely mediocre, if not downright bad. I haven't got much else to say really.


No Rest for the Living

In my opinion a decent little episode for DOOM II. While there isn't anything particularly special in here, all the levels are well designed and very detailed. No backpacks until Map08 either, so you gotta conserve your ammo.


TNT: Evilution

A mixed bag. There are some fantastic levels in here, and some absolutely terrible ones. When TNT is at it's best however, it is brilliant. Map15 is my all-time favourite IWAD map. Unfortunately, the stinker maps keep this far from the top of my favourites list. The new soundtrack is ok, I guess.


The Plutonia Experiment

The best official set of DOOM maps. Every single level is great, and it is consistently challenging. The Plutonia Experiment really showcases how versatile DOOM's combat can be.



It's good. Not my favourite, but it's good. They certainly dialed the atmosphere back up to 11 for this one, but the combat just doesn't do enough for me. Too many Barons, I guess. Love the soundtrack though.



I really like DOOM 3. In my opinion there is only one major flaw: The combat. Everything else is amazing. The visual design and audio design is still largely unmatched by pretty much anything else since, and this game from 2004 still has better lighting and shadows than any other game, even games from 2017. If only the combat wasn't so dull, and the guns didn't sound like toys.


DOOM (2016)

Some of the most intense and fast paced combat in any first-person shooter. Not many games make me clench my butt cheeks and physically move around in my chair while I'm climbing up ledges and dodging fireballs. Mick Gordon's soundtrack is fantastic as well.


Now, if I were to rank them... I'm not gonna include DOOM 3 and DOOM (2016) here, because they are so vastly different from the classics, but if I had to, they'd probably be around the number 3 or 4 spot:


1) The Plutonia Experiment

2) DOOM/The Ultimate DOOM

3) No Rest for the Living

4) DOOM II: Hell on Earth

5) DOOM 64

6) TNT: Evilution

7) Master Levels for DOOM II

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There's something in particular in each iwad that has stands out for me, therefore I can't pick two as the best and worse. Here are the reasons:


Ultimate Doom is the one that brings most nostalgia: its awesome music, the environment, limited bestiary and no SSG were and will never be an issue for me, rare presence of projectile-based ammo which increased their value, and I still remember how fearsome were the boss maps. Of course nowadays those maps aren't what they used to be, including the monsters, save for the spider which I love as an enemy.


Doom 2 is the one that complements the game: a new weapon, formal introduction of some specifics like infighting, barrel chains, narrow platforming... more monsters to add variety, particularly the pain elemental and archvile for their unique abilities, new types of maps (city-ish), a new boss for the whole game, that is still my least favourite addition. 


No words for Doom 3, 4, 64, etc because I haven't played them.


TNT Evilution is the one that brings the best track in the history of Doom, which is for me Death Bells. It also brings nostalgia because it gave me what I needed, after finnishing the main iwads, that is more Doom! It can be a mixed bag but as a whole it has a special value in my heart, as cheesy as it sounds.


The Plutonia Experiment is the one that introduced me to hard Doom, with a heavier presence of archviles, revenants and chaingunners, as well as others. It also  the one with less zombiemen and lost souls, that's something that always stuck to my mind. 

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Even though Doom 2 has an extended bestiary and the awesome Super Shotgun, OG Doom is still my favorite of the classics because of the level design. The environments are (kind of) believable, despite having abstract layouts, something the sequel didn't quite manage to do (Downtown, anyone?). Thy Flesh Consumed is ok, although I'm not fond of having so limited space for movement (I'm looking at you, Perfect Hatred).


When it comes to Final Doom, I'll pick The Plutonia Experiment over Evilution (although I appreciate the effort of trying to make an adventure game, even if TNT didn't quite make it), but I'm not the biggest fan of any of them.


Master Levels for Doom 2 and No Rest for the Living are... ok, I guess. Had some fun with them, but I don't think I'll ever replay them.


Doom 64 has a nice atmosphere, but I feel like it is a bit lackluster in terms of gameplay and level design.


I love Doom 3, despite it not being Doom at all. Yes, reading PDAs is kind of annoying and I would've preferred to just collect keycards, but it's a minor issue considering how good the atmosphere is. Oh yeah, and fuck those imps behind doors.


Haven't played Doom 2016, but it looks awesome. Not very happy about the Serious Sam/Painkiller kind of levels, but oh well...

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DOOM 2 is the best DOOM. Reason: SSG . Without the SSG, DOOM 2 would never become OP status. In fact, most of the levels look rather uninspiring aesthetically. Lots of BROWN which reminds me of turd. However, creative level design (barrels o fun, gotcha! etc.... ) & the glorious SSG make DOOM 2 the superior DOOM experience.


DOOM 3. I beat it once. Tried to complete it a second time but kept falling asleep and finally put it on indefinite hold. Didn't even bother to play the ROE. Played a few levels in the BFG edition and realized how ugly the textures look.


DOOM 2016: Amazing. Best FPS shooter campaign since Half-Life 2. Most people won't admit it because they can't let go of the past. Definitely won't be returning to my 2nd play-through of DOOM 3 after being spoiled by this sexy beast of a game. 

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